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Child Prodigy

Think you are smart or talented? Watch this to see what extraordinary truly is:

Honor Our Soldiers On Memorial Day

No one wants war except for the politicians who make it. Wouldn’t it be better if those who declared war were the ones who died instead of the loyal men and women who serve? For Memorial Day thank a vet and also watch this video:

Check Out That Air Flight!

This is an amazing piece of software for those interested in tracking air flights. Even if you have no need to use it, just looking at  how it works and what is possible  is worthwhile. Kind of makes one wonder how that Malaysian flight could just disappear. H/T to Reader Walter for providing this: If you ever want to track a [...]

Quote of The Day

From Reader Gary comes this email with the quote of the day: From Gary Kasparov, Russian-born former world’s Grand Master Chess Champion, now an American citizen. “Barack Obama has turned Jimmy Carter into Winston Churchill.” Somehow the Russians and former Russians do not seem to respect The One.

Insanity: Paying Through The Nose To Destroy Your Children

The above picture is racist according to some. Who knew? At least this insanity took place at a university in Canada. Whether that proves that US universities are not so bad or that Canadian ones are trying to emulate them in every respect is unknowable. But it is good to see that political correctness goes beyond the borders of this [...]

Football Without Punting

A successful team from Arkansas never punts the football. They win and seem to have a logical basis for the strategy. See the story here.

Fama and Academic Musings

Congratulations to Eugene Fama who was recently awarded a Nobel prize in Economics. He just celebrated his fiftieth year at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. Early in his teaching career, I had the privilege of taking a course from Mr. Fama. I also used to play intramural basketball games at lunchtime with and against him.  He was [...]

Obama Plays A Golf Match Against Putin

President Obama obviously loves golf. He plays it regularly, more often than any other president with the possible exception of Eisenhower. I play golf. My assessment of Obama and the game of golf are somewhat incongruous. Golf is a game that displays the character of the player. It is a humbling game. One day you play extremely well and the [...]

Sweet Lorraine

This post, at least in terms of the usual content of this site, is a bit off-road. Yet, it touched me. I hope it has the same effect on you. In a small way, it represents the way I like to think of this country and its people.