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Monty Pelerin’s Other Posts

Consistency in Law

Tom Lester, a long-term reader of this site, provides his take on the decreasing consistency in Law, or at least its equitable application. Mr. Lester has the advantage/disadvantage of age,  as does Mr. Pelerin.  The disadvantage is that one finds… Read More »Consistency in Law

This is Too Easy

Staff at the Babylon Bee are complaining about the lack of work required in this administration. One recent employee stated: “This is too easy,” before putting up the latest expo.   Bee Cartoon

Country Bumpkin — NOT!

Humor is one thing that takes our minds off more pressing issues. Senator John Kennedy is a country bumpkin — NOT! His home-spun humor is especially effective when describing fellow politicians of either party. Below is a sample I received… Read More »Country Bumpkin — NOT!

Self-anointed Failing

What follows is a long and interesting article pertaining to “experts” and true knowledge. It uses the martial arts as an analogy (that fits remarkably well) to deal with the self-anointed failing miserably. Cast in the context of the Covid… Read More »Self-anointed Failing

A Good Sign

A good sign is apparent in this report: Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel announced his pharmaceutical company is throwing out millions of its COVID-19 vaccine doses due to a “big demand problem.” Bancel’s comments came while speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum in… Read More »A Good Sign


Is Joe Biden a racist? His history suggests so. Is he now our racist-in-chief? Victor Davis Hanson provides the following article containing facts that lead to my (not his) title: Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery  Joe Biden’s cognitive challenges have… Read More »Racist-in-Chief

Knowledge vs. Control

This post deals with knowledge vs. control. It does so in the context of Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove.” I found it a fascinating interpretation and rather descriptive of the conundrum that we are in. Here is the video and the… Read More »Knowledge vs. Control

Suicide by Insanity

Suicide by Insanity

Insanity is rampant. Our country is committing suicide by insanity. I am not referring to individual suicide which is truly a tragedy and not unrelated to the notion of national suicide. I do not recognize much of what I see.… Read More »Suicide by Insanity

George Carlin

H. L. Mencken, a true curmudgeon, was particularly insightful on society and especially brutal on government. George Carlin, not usually considered a philosopher, in his own way was Menckenesque. Both were acerbic, insightful and correct on most matters. Both recognized… Read More »George Carlin

Fantasy or Common Sense

Life is not complicated. Laws of physics, mathematics and economics cannot be ignored or legislated away. The choice between fantasy or common sense will determine our future, or even if there is to be a future. Politicians live in a… Read More »Fantasy or Common Sense