NOT a SMIDGEN of Corruption!

Ty Andros, in his Tedbits newsletter, puts the IRS hard-drive failures into perspective: NOT a SMIDGEN of Corruption! The odds of winning the Florida lottery are 1 in 22,957,480. The odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 175,223,510. The odds of winning Mega Millions are 1 in 258,890,850. The odds of a disk drive failing in any given month [...]

Conversation on The State of the Country

Another conversation between Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network and Monty Pelerin. The topics vary, although many are covered in more depth in the recent book. Click here to listen to the conversation.

FLIMFLAM MAN Is Finally Finished

FLIMFLAM MAN is finally finished — the book, not the man. It is available at:  LeanPub in three formats (epub, mobi and pdf)  Amazon.com for hard copy Kindle It is the story of a failed and flawed President, a tragedy in many respects. Barack Obama entered office with high accolades and expectations. He will leave office with a legacy of  “he out-Cartered [...]

Child Prodigy

Think you are smart or talented? Watch this to see what extraordinary truly is:

FlimFlam Man

Flimflam Man, the book about Barack Obama’s time in office, is now available at LeanPub. It is available in electronic form (epub, mobi and pdf) only. Hard copy on Amazon should appear within a month, hopefully less. The brief summary of the book reads: This book deals with the most amazing President of my lifetime and perhaps the history of [...]

Honor Our Soldiers On Memorial Day

No one wants war except for the politicians who make it. Wouldn’t it be better if those who declared war were the ones who died instead of the loyal men and women who serve? For Memorial Day thank a vet and also watch this video:

Lemonade From Lemons

Workfare not Welfare! That appears to be Richie Parker’s motto and he lives it in ways that society’s parasites can’t imagine. If anyone should be entitled to a safety net, Richie qualifies except that he refuses to participate. Life began as a lemon for Richie. He refused to be a victim and made lemonade our of his difficult circumstances. Watch this amazing [...]

Revisit the Past

Some interesting stuff is contained on this website. Specifically, it provides the headline news in any given year. Look up when you were born to see what was happening. Or, just choose something like the year you turned 21, got married or whatever.