Investing Series

Sector Performance

A nice summary by Prudent Trader: Four Days to Go by: Bill Zimmer Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 9:50 am With but four trading days left to 2013 let’s see how the Sectors stand up on a year-to-date basis.  For some perspective: Dow is +20.23%, NASDAQ 100 + 29.89%, Russell 2000 +30.34%,  and the S&P 500 +24.48%. 18 of 31 sectors [...]

US ETF Portfolio Performance

This site offers a premium membership which enables members to receive the momentum-volatility rankings of exchange-traded funds (ETF). A proprietary algorithm is used to develop the rankings monthly (sometimes more frequently in volatile markets). These rankings have been “live” (available to subscribers) since the beginning of 2013. The purpose of this article is to view the performance results of this [...]

Is This The Right Advice Now?

Want some simple and straightforward advice? Here it is from Lord Monckton: If you thought the crash of 2008 was bad, think again. The crash that is coming –I cannot put a date on it, but it is not far away now – will be orders of magnitude worse. So, what should you do to protect yourself and your family? [...]

Why You Should Stay In Markets Despite What Is Coming

I have argued elsewhere that the risks of being out of the stock market may exceed the risks of being in it, even though a major drop may occur. This article will explore that position. Why You Should Be Concerned? Stock market investors should be wary, very wary. These times look and feel much like 1999 or 2007. The long-term [...]

Investing: Part 4 — Inflation

I am long overdue with this installment of the promised investment series. The holidays obviously got in the way. In Part 3, I detailed what I was anticipating with respect to the economy. Most of you know there is no guarantee with respect to the future, so these musings refer to what I intend to prepare for, rather than what [...]

Investing: Part 3: – Outlook for the Economy

In this article the outlook for the economy is discussed. This outlook is my opinion and is probably worth no more than what it costs you. For those easily depressed, read no further. There is little positive that follows regarding the economic future. For the adventuresome, however, volatile and potentially dangerous times present opportunities to make large amounts of money. [...]

Investing – Part 2: Factors that will Determine the Future

I am long overdue on this second of a series of articles on investing. This article deals with the background conditions that will influence (likely dominate) the economic future. It is necessary to understand these in order to understand what is likely to occur, so I wanted to emphasize these prior to presenting a forecast. These factors are entirely unique, [...]

Investing — Introduction

This is the first article in the Investing series. It is introductory and provides a range of observations. Sophisticated investors may want to skip it as it is basic and aimed at novice investors. It does, however, contain some elements that will recur in subsequent articles. Market Efficiency The late James Lorie, from the University of Chicago, was one of [...]

New Feature — Investment Series

Readers have requested more posts related to investing. I will start a regular series of posts pertaining to investing in these troubled times. My approach will likely evolve, although I envision one major post per week, supplemented when necessary by shorter commentary as conditions warrant. These posts reflect my opinions. They are not investment or financial advice and they should [...]