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Monty Pelerin’s Market Posts

Tough Times Ahead

I am not necessarily in agreement with Mr. Barisheff’s conclusions, at least not all of them.  I do agree with his expectations of tough times ahead. I include his article because it is reasonable and filled with good information that… Read More »Tough Times Ahead

Wealth If You Want It

The long slog is nearing an end. The book, “Wealth If You Want It,” is virtually complete. I will put up some excerpts soon, while polishing it off. The entire book will be free as a download from this site… Read More »Wealth If You Want It

Death of Fiat Currency

The Death of Fiat Currency Rarely is an article so thorough and well presented as this one by Alasdair Macleod below. It is a tour de force regarding the death of fiat currency. The natural outcome is the rise of all… Read More »Death of Fiat Currency

Wealth If You Want It

I had thought the book “Wealth if You Want It” would be ready to be made available around this date. It is not, although for good reason — a serious expansion of its purpose.  That reason for that expansion will… Read More »Wealth If You Want It

Game Over?

Investing is like teenage love, ranging from ecstasy to heartbreak. Bull markets are fun (ecstasy) and can be characterized as game on. Bear markets are not so much fun (heartbreak) and are game over. Unfortunately too many investment advisors are… Read More »Game Over?