Lysander Spooner — Radical Individualist

One of the great intellectual treats for many has been the discovery of a man with a very odd name — Lysander Spooner (1808-1887). For any individualist, he is a welcome discovery Spooner was  a legal jurist and an abolitionist. His core belief was that government itself, at least as it was constructed in the US, was illegal. His stand was [...]

Jews Under Assault Again

The state of the world is rapidly deteriorating. Economies are stagnating, rule of law is under attack everywhere and ethnic hatred is rising. Nowhere is that more obvious than what is happening with respect to Jews. Mark Steyn is funny, incisive and deadly serious. His take on the Obama Administration and the Middle East is worthy of more than reading. A [...]

Revisit the Past

Some interesting stuff is contained on this website. Specifically, it provides the headline news in any given year. Look up when you were born to see what was happening. Or, just choose something like the year you turned 21, got married or whatever.  

The Fifties: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

For those of us that lived in and remember the Fifties, they were a special time. Today, they truly seem like a galaxy far, far away. Those times weren’t perfect but they seem so in comparison to today. People trusted each other. Kids walked to and from school, safely. Doctors made house calls. Most homes had single-car garages. TV was [...]

Uncle Sam Is Long In The Tooth

The US has become mostly bluster. Uncle Sam is long in the tooth. Its misuse of the country’s treasure on bread and circuses has aged it prematurely. Simon Black likens the US to the aging Muhammed Ali when he took on the younger Larry Holmes. It wasn’t pretty then and what the US is going through won’t be pretty either. [...]

Babe Ruth and Global Warming

Global warming (or the safer “climate change”) is viewed by some as the greatest threat to mankind. It is not known whether Babe Ruth lost sleep over global warming, but it was a concern back in his day. From the Washington Post: The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding [...]

Photos From The Past

This video contains some amazing photographs for those interested in history or photography. H/T to Reader Glenn for sending this.

History Through Photos

Children don’t learn history these days, at least not the way it happened. Government schools “cleanse” what is taught to fit the meme they want believed by the masses. That is a very dangerous thing, although not the topic of this post. To re-live or re-learn the history associated with World War II, the photos contained at this site are [...]

More On Peasants With Pitchforks

The article on Peasants With Pitchforks was picked up at The Burning Platform. Jim Quinn’s readers provided quite a bit of history in their comments for those interested in learning more about the Bonus March which was depicted in the video. Just click on the above to get to the comments. Or, click here to view the original post with [...]

Milestones On A Death March

What if we were on a death march and didn’t know it? That is the condition for most death marches. Milestones on a death march are rarely noticed or considered important at the time. Mostly that is because the ultimate destination is not suspected by those involved. Did the Romans know what was happening to them? Were they aware of [...]

The Platters Knew Barack Obama Was Coming

The Platters were a great group back in the fifties and sixties. One of my favorites was The Great Pretender which appeared in 1958. Big question: How did the Platters know this guy was coming back then?