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Political Civility

Tom Lester, friend of this site, provides another piece of his writing. In this article, he deals with “civility” or at least the narrow form of the word as it is defined in politics. This use reminds me of my late-life entry into academia where I quickly learned about “collegiality.”  Most people had numerous initials after their names and believed [...]

America the Beautiful by Benjamin Carson, MD

What follows is a guest post from Tom Lester. Mr. Lester’s offerings are always enjoyed by readers of this site. This one is no exception: Several months ago I put America the Beautiful on my long list of recommended reading. I anticipated the book would be good as several people had prompted me to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Ben Carson’s book [...]

The Complicit News Media

Tom Lester weighs in with a guest post on media bias. Perhaps bias is not an appropriate description. Disguised censorship or news filtering might be more appropriate. Limited time requires that content judgments be made in in sorting out which news is relevant. You determine whether the priorities exhibited below terribly insult the intelligence of the American viewer (something H. [...]

Another Crisis, Another Distraction

Guest Post by Tom Lester: On May 20, 2010, Mexican President Felipe Calderon was invited by the Administration and Democrats to address a joint session of Congress.  In his speech he ripped Arizona’s new law, commonly known as SB1070, which was written to potentially add muscle to the Federal law in clamping down on illegal immigrants.  Aside from the audacity [...]

Commonalities, But Not Good Ones

Tom Lester provides another guest post. Mr. Lester points out some commonalities of history that many on the left would rather forget. These commonalities are inconvenient for them and were deadly for millions: The government which our Founding Fathers bestowed on us through the Constitution had several checks and balances but perhaps the most prevalent was that the Federal government [...]

A Little More “Where We Go From Here…”

Tom Lester provides some additional thoughts to his previous article: “THESE are the times that try men’s souls…”  With the words of Thomas Paine, so began my recent article entitled Where Do We Go From Here…  To say the least, it generated some interesting and fascinating feedback.  Among them was one such “abbreviated” response of 1,405 words, another who admonished [...]

Where Do We Go From Here…

This post from Tom Lester has more optimism than I am able to generate. While we may disagree on how optimistic we should be, Tom provides valuable observations and guidance at a time when those who understand this country and how it works are very disillusioned and down. From Tom: THESE are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer [...]

The Election — A Time For Logic And Reason

This guest post from Tom Lester deals with issues any reasonably informed voter should consider prior to committing to a candidate.  Mr. Lester comments on the following issues: Economic policy Healthcare policy Foreign policy Energy policy To not understand these issues is to cast an uninformed vote. Integrity, ethics, leadership and competence are obviously other concerns in any election. Their [...]

History Anyone?

Guest Post from Tom Lester: History is a great teacher!  It allows us to evaluate actions of the past to make a reasonable determination of the value and benefits of present actions. In this day and age, I’m saddened by the lack of desire by most people to read history.  It seems Americans are typically much more interested in the [...]

Denial Is Not A Great River; It Is The Strategy Of A Charlatan

Here is another timely and incisive piece from Tom Lester who deals with the Middle East uprisings and the Obama Administration’s attempt to paint them as something other than what they are: Deniability vs. Dishonesty In the wake of the murder of the of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, along with three other U.S. embassy staff, it raises [...]


Author: Tom Lester People seem to go ape with an announcement of anything free.  They will often stand in line for hours to get some bobble-head or trinket.  This malady seems to affect most of us and, I admit, free airline miles are my weakness, the means of visiting children and grandchildren too distant away.  Of course, the undeniable truth [...]

The Promises and Achievements of President Obama

I received this email from a reader and believe it is on a topic and of the quality that others might appreciate. The author is Tom Lester. He has no website but can be reached at [email protected] Tom has graciously allowed his work to appear as a guest post. I don’t expect to hear about many of these items at the [...]