Keynesian Political Economy Is Theft

The plague of our time is Keynesian economics. It has destroyed the economics profession and enabled the political class to obtain powers never intended. Keynesian economics provided the intellectual cover for the criminal class we politely call “government” to plunder its citizenry. In the beginning, clear-thinking, independent economists (not dependent on government largess) expressed objections to this “new economics.” There was [...]

ObamaCare Is A “Weekend at Bernie’s” Remake

ObamaCare is about to become a remake of Weekend at Bernie’s. For those unfamiliar with this film, Wikipedia describes it: Weekend at Bernie’s is a 1989 comedy film directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman as a couple of young insurance corporation employees who discover their boss is deceased. Believing that they are responsible for his death and that a hitman will not kill them [...]

Milton Friedman And ObamaCare

Where is Milton Friedman when we need him most? His ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms is needed, especially with regard to the fiasco we know as the “Affordable Care Act.” In politics, there is little truth. The denizens of this netherworld are not our best and brightest. Most do not consider ethics or truth as boundaries. As a [...]

ObamaCare — The Death of Liberalism?

ObamaCare may accomplish what Republicans and Tea Party members could not. It may reverse the Road to Socialism that this country has been on for arguably a century.

The Pusher Has Made Us All Junkies

A recent post on this site described the Federal Reserve (not Goldman Sachs) as the true vampire squid. A Predator By Intent At the Fed’s founding, a few astute critics saw the Ponzi Scheme that it represented. Congressman Lindbergh had this to say: This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this [...]

Keynesianism is Killing Us

Keynesian economics holds as central premises that economies should, need and can be managed. Each of these premises is plain wrong. It was wrong when Keynes introduced his theory in 1936 and it is even more wrong today. Furthermore, politicians and his acolytes have extended its use beyond which even John Maynard Keynes would likely have accepted. Economics is not [...]

Tyranny Rules

Tyranny was a word that was used frequently during the founding period of this country. Its usage is rampant once again. The word tyranny is thrown around rather carelessly, especially when politicians invoke it. When Bush was president, it was a popular Democrat word. With Obama in office, it is used as frequently, but now by Republicans and rarely by [...]

Investing In Dangerous Times

Those that read this site regularly know my pessimism regarding the future. People frequently ask: “What do I do to protect myself and my family?” or “What should I invest in?” While this discussion will not provide you with specific answers, it should provide a framework that may be useful. Investment Advice Investment advice is not provided here. I am [...]

You Should Be Scared

Conditions are bad in this country (and much of the world). Governments Gone Wild are responsible for the mess we are in. Instead of terminating the bloodletting of the productive sector, they increase it. Instead of stopping the policies which cause distortions and make things worse, they accelerate them. These are themes this website deals with on a regular basis. [...]

Today’s Version of Don Quixote Is Not Harmless

“The fault lies not with the mob, who demands nonsense, but with those who do not know how to produce anything else.” ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote Not able to solve real problems, our Clown-in-Chief resorts to fictitious problems. Befitting this fool’s self image, these problems must not be small ones. Now his focus is on the fraud of the [...]

The Federal Reserve — A Study In Fraud

In a previous article entitled “Government: ‘A Seedy Circus … Perpetually In Debt’,” government was likened to Larsen E. Whipsnade, the character played by the one-of-a-kind W. C. Fields in the 1939 movie “You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man.” Characterizing Leviathan government as an individual, even one as large as Whipsnade,  was a stretch. Fields’ fans objected because he was reasonably harmless, [...]

Why Things Will Get Worse — Much Worse

It is easy to be upset about what is happening all around. The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies. Incentives to work are being eliminated by punishing work. At the same time rewards are increasing for not working. Not surprisingly we get less of what we penalize (work) and more of what we subsidize (non-work). As an [...]