Dracula, Gold and Government

For those interested in gold as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty, be aware that gold is manipulated for political purposes. The manipulation is illegal, but as so many other government actions, it has become accepted as a normal and necessary course of business. As conditions worsen for those in power, legality is less important than survival. The State is a fraud [...]

Civilizations Don’t Die of Old Age

A simple video explains what has happened and how it is no different from any other country/civilization that rises and falls. It focuses on money/gold and provides an historical as well as a causal explanation of why a major crash is inevitable. We can either die in the flames of inflation or freeze in deflation/depression. Both roads end in the [...]

A Reasonable Discussion About Gold

I routinely feature Gordon T. Long and his Macroanalytics presentations here frequently. His analysis is generally excellent and actionable. This recent audio/slideshow includes Ty Andros, a regular with Mr. Long, and David Chapman, a newcomer to Long’s site and someone new to me. Mr. Chapman is a cycle theorist, something I have never been comfortable with. Nevertheless, cycle there is some [...]

Economics and Investing Are Subject To The Laws of Mathematics

Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere … Bertrand Russell Regular readers of this site know that I believe the economy and the stock market are little more than smoke and mirrors. Both are overrated, overstated and likely to collapse. On numerous occasions I have discussed reasons why this must be the [...]

Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts provides excellent analysis of our current scene both for those who want to understand what is happening and what is coming. The podcast is an excellent one for investors as well. Gold and currencies are discussed. Everything is put into the context of the political manipulations necessary to keep the system going. H/T and link to GoldMoney

Dollars For Gold

Which side of this fence would you prefer to be on?

Is The Gold Manipulation Backfiring?

The term “unintended consequences” is used to describe outcomes not foreseen by the central planner. It certainly describes most government programs. For years, I have insisted that the term does not do justice to what actually happens. It is not strong enough to properly convey the results of major government actions. Hence, the “Pelerin Rule” was developed: Whatever the stated [...]

The Issues With Gold

John Rubino and Gordon T. Long discuss the recent gold takedown. For anyone interested in gold, this discussion should not be missed. It also has implications for other markets. If there are no longer any rules or laws regarding market manipulations, what may happen in terms of equities, currencies and other markets? Link The question is whether there will be [...]

Did Government Try To Murder The Canary Before It Could Get Sick?

The Canary In The Coal Mine The expression “canary in the coal mine” derives from the use of canaries in coal mines as a form of an early-warning for the miners. Wikipedia explains: An allusion to caged canaries (birds) that mining workers would carry down into the mine tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide [...]

Gold After The Crash

For those wanting (needing?) to read another analysis of the gold price debacle, here Grant Williams provides a good explanation. There are several reasons which might have prompted this engineered attempt at driving down the gold price. If one of those reasons was to scare the public away from gold as a safe asset and a store of value, it [...]

What To Do With Your Gold

The plummet in gold prices has all gold holders perplexed and less wealthy. In times like these, the weak panic and get out and the strong get in. If this is a manipulated event (and it certainly appears to be so), then the big money will be accumulating gold at these prices. That’s fine if you have oodles of money. [...]

Gold and Stocks

The debacle in gold prices is unnerving. Is it the end of a bull market that many thought had a lot further to run? Is it the bursting of a bubble that those who believe gold is a barbarous relic have been forecasting since gold hit $500? Or is this a pullback that affords a unique opportunity to stock up [...]