China Collapse?

The Daily Bell provides an overview of China’s real estate market which they (and others) claim has already collapsed. This collapse is expected to bring  down the Chinese economy and what remains of the world economy. Here is an excerpt from the article: And here is some of the text that accompanies the video below … Chinese Vice Premier, Li [...]

Salvation of the World’s Economic Problems Itself Going Bankrupt?

Of all the worries we have, China is supposed to be the possible bailout savior for Europe, the continuing supporter of US deficit spending and the growth engine for the world during these difficult times. Not so, according to Matthew Robertson: China’s economy has a reputation for being strong and prosperous, but according to a well-known Chinese television personality the country’s [...]

GDP: China vs. US

Charles R. Andersen has an interesting comparison on various country GDP measures. The US GDP is approximately 50% larger than China’s. On a per capita basis, the US is almost 7 times larger than China. However, China has already surpassed the US in manufacturing and is 46% larger.

Choose Your Route to The Great Depression

I have argued for quite a while that QE will not and cannot stop, at least on anything other than a temporary basis. The rationale for my position has been that without the Fed, the federal government will not be able to fund its deficits and continue paying its bills. Dissatisfaction amongst foreign investors, particularly China, means shrinking foreign demand [...]

Is China a Paper-Mache Tiger?

Is the Chinese growth miracle built upon the same sand base that characterized Western Democracies’ growth for the past 30 years? The answer, according to Red Capitalism by Carl E. Walter and Fraser J.T. Howie appears to be YES. In a review of the book, Edward Chancellor states: According to Fraser Howie and Carl Walter in “Red Capitalism,” an unsettling portrait [...]

Another Dollar Warning

Another warning regarding the fate of the  US and its currency. Possibly the Last Time to Get Out of the Dollar by Simon Black March 15, 2011 Dallas, Texas, USA It’s no secret that the United States government owes a pretty penny to foreigners. Certainly, what America owes to foreigners pales in comparison to what it owes to Ben Bernanke… [...]

Will China Be Like Egypt?

From afar the Chinese economic miracle is impressive. Large statist efforts produce large impressive outcomes. Massive new cities appear where none were before. Rapid GDP growth rates are regularly announced. China is about to become the world’s great superpower — economically, intellectually and militarily. But wait! There’s more! China has some of the same problems that caused the unrest in [...]

China Channels Ben Bernanke

China and inflation have not co-existed well over the centuries. China is attempting to do the impossible, walk a tightrope between free markets and strong central control. Ultimately the two don’t play well together. In the end, they are incompatible.  In the meantime, however,  the drama of an enormous population with expectations of rising standards of living and a centrally [...]

How Hyperinflation Occurs

Hyperinflation does not occur slowly. Nor is it preceded by a bell ringing or an article warning you in advance. Hyperinflation is like a tsunami. By the time you spot it, it is too late. You are already doomed. All of the actions taken by our government in an attempt to ward off the necessary corrections in the economy enhance [...]

Bernanke on Abolishing the Fed

It appears that Ben Bernanke is achieving what Ron Paul and others before him could not do. That is, Mr. Bernanke may be the one to actually destroy the Federal Reserve. If Mr. Bernanke accomplishes this goal, we should all be thankful. He is deserving of a statue in the Free Market Hall of Fame, assuming there are any buildings [...]

China and Treasuries

A clever but depressing ad: The learned teacher might better be concerned with whether all that paper is worth anything.