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Monty Pelerin’s Economics

Is the Fed Screwed?

Is the Federal Reserve in over its head? Have monetary matters spun out of control? In short, is the Fed screwed? Are we all screwed as a result of inappropriate policies? Sadly, this is beginning to look likely. This is… Read More »Is the Fed Screwed?

The Fed in the Chicken Coop

Was the creation of the Federal Reserve harmful or helpful? Evidence suggests the former, leading to the title of Fed in the Chicken Coop. This post is an update of an article originally published at The American Thinker. The Church… Read More »The Fed in the Chicken Coop

Inflation for Simpletons

Inflation for simpletons can be explained in images. Four are shown below. Technically, inflation is always a monetary phenomenon. If the Federal Reserve weren’t a political tool, there would be no inflation, although the Federal Government would be insolvent! Two… Read More »Inflation for Simpletons

How Does It End?

The big question, and it is not a new one, is “How Does It End?” Any honest economist knows that we are on the precipice of world-wide disaster. Most are constrained from revealing their true feelings and analyses because of government… Read More »How Does It End?

Reality Is Not an Option

One must deal with reality because reality is not an option. Not doing so is dangerous and foolish. Especially if you are government. Government’s role, whatever it truly is, should recognize reality. The causal relationship is not Government to Reality.… Read More »Reality Is Not an Option

Gold Eagles

The current crisis (yes, it is a crisis!) reflects Americans getting poorer and poorer as government dysfunction accelerates. Gold Eagles are one way to protect against purchasing power theft. It is not an ideal solution but it is one available… Read More »Gold Eagles

Critical Juncture

The world is at a critical juncture. The Burning Platform discusses this issue in the context of a Fourth Turning: Neil Howe, one of the authors of The Fourth Turning, made a statement in January 2021 which clarified for me… Read More »Critical Juncture