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Obamacare a Pallbearer for American Freedom?

“The essence of government is control, or the attempt to control.” Benjamin Tucker There is no better way to describe the so-called  health care plan than Tucker’s quote. It is not about improving health care; it never was. Oh there may be some dim bulbs in Congress that truly believe they have improved the country and the health system with [...]

Tennessee Williams Was Smarter than US

The United States is now dependent on the rest of the world to finance its government deficits. As the sovereign version of Tennessee Williams’ Blanche du Bois in Streetcar Named Desire, we are truly “dependent on the kindness of strangers.” The government has no way to finance itself other than to borrow from strangers (or to print money and risk [...]

The Myth of Government

Image via Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia For the past seven decades, Government formula has been the same. Start a program whenever something seems wrong. Intervene if the economy does not produce the desired results. Repeat again and again, all the while convincing citizens that government is the only one that can solve the problem. This ad hoc interventionism enabled Governments [...]

Not an Economic Problem, A Constitutional One

Most of us who are troubled about what is happening in this country have no or loose ties to politics. Our concerns arise because of concern for future generations — children, grandchildren and their grandchildren. Opposition to various policies and trends is motivated by what we believe works and what doesn’t. Perhaps, I should say that more strongly, by what [...]