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Idiocy Never Survives

The nature of current society confounds. It is filled with idiocy. Idiocy rarely survives long; it either destroys what it has infected or is itself destroyed.

How it ends is unknown, but it will end! Victor Davis Hanson fears that the ending may be Rwanda-style:

We live in a society, after all, where exercise is now deemed racist, weight loss racist and using the word “American” or “immigrant” racist—as the race industry is clueless that when everything is deemed racist, then nothing can be racist.

The only method of avoiding a Rwanda-style chaos is simply to forget racial categories, preferences, and reparatory actions entirely, and instead simply enforce the Civil Rights-era anti-discrimination laws on the books that were supposed to protect everyone from everyone but are now ignored and routinely violated by our own government.

Is this possibility too extreme? Perhaps, but Mr. Hanson is not one to exaggerate! His classical education is broad and in-depth. It encompasses much of history and the civilizations that influenced it. When he raises issues like these, I get very concerned. Perhaps you should also.

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