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Fedsurrection — Committee vs. Revolver News

The Jan 6 committee, pictured above, filed its report on the so-called insurrection at the Capitol. The report appears to be corrupt and useless. Committee staffing virtually guaranteed as much. Revolver News produced a lengthy report on the insurrection and its unanswered questions. Their report, shocking in its details, suggests there was a “Fedsurrection,” not an insurrection.

Concerned citizens should read both reports. (The Revolver News report is available here.) The findings and conclusions could not be more different. Consider this question: how could some “shoestring” news organization with limited funding and no ability to compel testimony produce a report that seems more plausible than the official government investigation?

Two questions are obvious:

  1. Is the Congressional Committee report a political whitewash?
  2. Is Revolver News correct in its assertions?

In order for the first question to be answered no, you must answer the second one in the negative. But that is difficult to do as these assertions were seemingly ignored.

From my reading, it is impossible to determine whether or how much of the Revolver News allegations are true. The fact that their obvious concerns were not pursued by Congress suggests the Committee did not want these answers. Whether that is enough to conclude “whitewash,” incompetence or something more sinister is left for the reader and history to decide.

Regardless of your opinion, it is difficult to conclude that government did not exceed its legal authority by imprisoning citizens without real charges and for little more than being in Washington, DC on a certain date. Government behavior of this type is scary and should not be tolerated!

When and how do these unfortunates get a fair trial? Are they not political prisoners?

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