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Save a Mind

For those looking for gift ideas for the holidays, especially ones that reinforce our founding values and educate, there is no better place than the Mises Institute. Save a mind before our school system captures and corrupts it.

The Mises Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to freedom and enlightening the world as to freedom’s requisites, benefits and champions. Its collection of books is broad, reasonably priced and unrivaled. Many are in electronic format. Some are available for free download.

There is no better site or collection of resources for freedom lovers. There is also no better defense of liberty than this organization provides. Classic works and current contributions are available.

If you wish to promote freedom and liberty, there is no better place to start your education than at the Mises Institution at Auburn University. It does offer classes, but its value for most is as a beacon to proper economics and  freedom.

Save a developing mind! Expose it to ideas no longer acceptable in our schools. Educate kids before the world of formal education captures their minds.

Visit the site. Perhaps it will rehabilitate your outlook on freedom and its irreplaceable virtues.




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