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Murderer of Democracy

Democrats presented the last election as a referendum on democracy. Apparently, if you voted Republican, you were a murderer of democracy. No defense of such a claim is possible. Feckless Republicans, news media and other spokespersons failed to address the absurdity. Was this neglect not a sign that democracy is already dead or at least considered a nuisance ritual?

Freely choosing one party over the other is democracy. Claiming that only one party should win is its denial. It is proper to vote for or assist your preferred party within the constraints of election law. To claim that is “attempted murder,” as implied by some Democrats, is absurd. It signals the desire for a one-party rule. Those supporting this claim are stalkers of democracy and freedom. They don’t like it or want to have their ideas and plans have to compete against alternatives. Power without the nuisance we call democracy is authoritarianism!

Emerald Robinson observed on substack that America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It):

If you look at America’s election system from any angle, it looks rigged. Democrats know this and Democrat politicians have complained about it in public. (Here’s a great supercut of Democrats alerting the public that voting machines are vulnerable to hacking and should not be trusted!) Republicans know this too. The videos of voting machines “malfunctioning” are easy to find. How many of them are illegally hooked up to the Internet? Notice that you cannot find a single government agency to give you an honest answer.

What does that tell you?

(I cannot say with definitiveness that elections are rigged. However, there are too many problems with them not to be suspicious.)

The Democrat Party, clearly misnamed, has revealed itself and the low respect they have for their voting base. For them, elections are a nuisance. This barrier stands between them and a better world! These beliefs make it easy to attack elections or vitiate the safeguards that accompany them. When you are out to save the world, nothing is sacred.

When you believe you are “right,” “pure” and “better,” it is easy to rationalize almost any type of behavior. After all, it is for the good of the country.

No, it isn’t! It is for power of the sort that only totalitarians possess.


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