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Are We Mad?

Anyone watching politics knows that actions and decisions are not taken for the citizens but for the political class. Are we mad to allow this? It is hard to answer in the negative and becomes harder each day as political reality and citizen reality continue to diverge.What will the history books say of this period (assuming they are allowed to be printed and honestly)? Why would the American people tolerate a Boob as president, one who is wrecking their lives? If one’s purpose is to destroy this country, the answer is simple. If one’s purpose is to improve the living standards of all Americans, why are the Republicans not talking about impeachment? Whatever method is behind this madness, it has little to nothing to do with citizen welfare.Here is a recent article from dealing with our madness:

“Is This Real?”: Biden Gives Bizarre Inflation Speech Full Of Obvious Lies

Tyler Durden's Photo

FRIDAY, JUN 03, 2022 – 11:44 AM

On Friday, President Joe Biden stood in front of the world and regurgitated so many lies that one has to wonder if his speechwriter borrowed Hunter’s pipe.

For starters, Biden suggested that “families are carrying less debt” and “their average savings are up” since he took office, adding that “more Americans feel financially comfortable.

Nope – the personal savings rate has plummeted, while outstanding (revolving) consumer credit has sharply risen since January 2021.

Meanwhile, a May survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that Americans are more stressed out about money than ever.

“Eighty-seven percent of Americans said that inflation and the rising costs of everyday goods is what’s driving their stress,” said Vaile Wright, senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association.

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