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Greatest Scandal of Our Times?

Is Covid the greatest scandal of our times? Perhaps, although it is too early to make such a claim responsibly.

Regardless of whether you believe scandal or not, there is no denying the negative (and likely long-lasting) effects incurred. It is easy to claim incompetence on the part of government. But that is nothing new. Government specializes in incompetence and demonstrates it in virtually everything it touches.

What makes this issue different is clearly the magnitude. The authoritarian actions of government were unnerving as were what increasingly seem like unnecessary pain, suffering and deaths.

Here are but a few of the outcomes:

  • Economic and financial hardships occurred as a result of bankruptcies, especially of smaller businesses.
  • Suicides soared.
  • The medical profession was taken over by government bureaucrats by threatening hospital and doctor incomes.
  • Incentives were put in place to overstate reported Covid  cases.
  • Inadequate testing of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines was apparent.
  • The standard of living was reduced for the majority of the nation.
  • Most children lost two years of in-school learning (although some might consider that a benefit).
  • Unknown long-term psychological damage was likely incurred by toddlers and other youngsters forced to wear masks.
  • Normal socialization processes were disrupted, likely  disrupting the normal development process of both young children, teenagers and adults.
  • The “crisis” was used to expand government and decrease freedom.

Time will likely reveal other problems, but the known ones are already extreme. So is the uselessness of government health agencies which seem to be more concerned about enriching the pharmaceutical companies than protecting the American public. Here, for example, is an indication of what may be coming provided by Edward Dowd (those choosing to listen to his presentation should begin at the 37 minute marker). If his comments prove to be true, then it is not unreasonable to call this response the equivalent of a genocide produced as a result of government incompetence or intent.

The fact that other world governments followed similar reactions is shameful and more than a bit troubling. We already have legalized death in the womb. How far are we away from government deciding that the old are too unproductive and too expensive to continue to drain societal resources?

One should wait until the facts are out before drawing conclusions. But the few facts available are not assuring. Nor is government’s attempt to suppress information.

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