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Wealth If You Want It — Teasers

“Wealth If You Want It” exposes some things government might prefer to stay hidden. Here are a few teasers:

  • Government is bankrupt in the sense that it cannot honor its obligations, at least with dollars that have any relationship to the buying power of the currency when the obligations were incurred.
  • Social Security and Medicare are the largest Ponzi Schemes in history. They will default! Arguably, Social Security already has, in terms of taxes being imposed on payments and other broken promises.
  • One estimate of the shortfall in these programs calculates every taxpayer would have to pay an extra $855,000 on this year’s tax return just to bring these programs into balance.
  • These debts, when Social Security and Medicare are added to the approximately $30 Trillion of funded debt is well over $130 Trillion today.
  • Government is entirely inept or just doesn’t care about its most vulnerable citizens. (These are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)
  • Not all politicians are corrupt, but too many possess one or more of these characteristics:
    1. They are unqualified.
    2. They are unprincipled.
    3. They are in politics for an easy path  to wealth.
    4. They lack the talent and courage to be in the Mafia.

Of course there is more to be found in the book.

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