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Let’s Go Brandon — Democracy at Work

The standard cheer for rejecting the Presidency of Joseph Biden has been “Let’s Go Brandon.” Most people know its origin. Most also understand that Biden is likely incapable of dressing himself.

His presidency is a living documentary on Elder Abuse. It is an indictment on the concept of democracy or at least on election integrity. The mere fact that one political party would run a mentally incompetent candidate shows their disrespect for the office and the people of this country.

The phrase, “Let’s go Brandon,” was not foreseen by current pundits, especially supporters in the media. Frankly, they don’t know what to do with this phrase (which ironically was started by one of their members).

Historically, astute observers, knew that a “Brandon” was inevitable. No, they didn’t predict the name but they did see the humor and tragedy associated with democracy. It was not a process that ensured leadership by our “best and brightest.”

Few of the early media were as blunt (or as accurate) as H. L. Mencken. While the name “Brandon” was not included in his prediction below, the rest seems accurate. His prophesy was 100 years before “Brandon” was elected.

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