Freedom Disappears Slowly

Freedom is being removed from society incrementally. The nature of freedom is such that it cannot be taken all at once. Freedom disappears slowly.

The death of freedom is a process, not an event. Refer to the proverbial frog in a pot for an appropriate analogy.

This email explains why:

I am teaching a course for a company near Boston.  One of the attendees is a young Vietnamese immigrant, and we struck up a conversation when I pronounced his name properly and he found out I have been there and know something about VN history and culture.

He took me to dinner tonight, to a really excellent VN restaurant in Dorchester, and on the drive there and while there we had a long and detailed conversation.  I learned about his childhood, the family’s struggles because of discrimination against his father, who fought in the ARVN for the South.  How they had to work extra hard, but managed to get him into college where he did well, and by luck, was able to get a student visa to come here to study.

He went through the usual shock and adjustment period, realizing slowly how much indoctrination and false ideas had been put in his head in the years of schooling under the communist teaching system.  Finally he decided he didn’t want to go back, and took all kinds of menial jobs, busboy, cleaner, etc, to make ends meet while applying for citizenship.  It took years but finally he got through it all and joined us.

He’s gone back twice to VN to visit family, and like most Vietnamese, he will always be Vietnamese in his heart and love the land of his birth.  Yet he told me with regret and puzzlement that when he has visited, somehow even though it’s home, it’s not exactly home anymore.  And he walks around with this odd, unsettled feeling.  I listened to him trying to explain what he felt, and finally told him I knew what the problem is.

I said “Hien, it’s simple.  Now you are an addict, and that never goes away.”

“Mr. Del, what do you mean, what am I addicted to?”


His face changed, as he thought for a second, and then said “Yes, I see”.

Freedom, when you have it and know it and understand it, is indeed addictive.  I only wish more Americans did really know what we have, and think about it and treasure it as this new American does.


I do not know the author of this spot-on email but its point is impossible to miss. The importance of freedom is rarely recognized by those who have only known it. It is like breathing clean air. Until you experience “bad” air, you take clean air for granted.

Those who are intent about removing freedom recognize this truth. We are living through a process designed to eliminate freedom. Don’t let America be a frog in a heating pot! Every reduction in freedom must be opposed, no matter how trivial. Each infringement raises the temperature in the pot and prepares us for the next.

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