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Investing Is No Longer Safe

Investing is no longer safe if you view matters the way I do. This opinion is based on economic and political principles.  It represents some of the subject matter presented in a forthcoming book.

In short, I have never been more afraid for my country. Danger is everywhere but three factors are worth noting:

  • Government has burst its shackles. The Constitution, designed to protect against Leviathan, has been emasculated. It is little more than an artifact of history. Both political parties are responsible for this destruction. One seems to delight in its destruction, the other feigns distress but quietly supports much of it. Neither party is interested in stopping tyranny (although a few individuals might be). Most elected officials have made a mockery of their oath to protect the Constitution. In the space of my lifetime, violation of that oath has been re-defined from treason to “practical politics.”
  • The Political “God-complex” Most politicians and their aides “know” they are better people than you and me. They “know” they are more intelligent. They believe it their duty to impose wisdom on the rest of us. Without their advice, laws and restrictions we could not manage our lives. The premise is obviously wrong. Are they trying to help or hinder us? Are they helping us or enslaving us?
  • Corporatism  Merriam-Webster defines corporatism as “the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction.” Government directs but corporations follow and even enforce the reductions in freedom. How much of this is fear versus support is unclear. For some, it may be viewed as a route to more favorable treatment. For others, it may be the corporate version of appeasing the alligator, hoping they will not be eaten, or at least not consumed early in the process.

Political hubris and power are responsible for the national tragedy ahead.  An entire book could be written on this subject but that is left to others.

Savers and investors need to be aware of what is coming and why. The following topics shall be dealt with in a series of short posts:

  • Politics and Economics
  • The Insolvency of Government
  • Government Ponzi Schemes
  • Economic Solutions
  • Financial Armageddon

The topics will be addressed, probably at the rate of one per week.

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