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Public Nuisances

Some of those ridiculed in this book include Nixon, Kissinger, Carter, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Andrew Young, Ted Kennedy, Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader. The book is almost forty years old so many of the “youngsters” of today may not recognize some of the names. I re-read parts of it and recommend it to anyone who lived through this early era of public nuisances or anyone that wants to experience the skewering of those who assumed they were important and could be ridiculed for thinking so.
Mr. Tyrrell remains active today although does less writing. An  update of his book to include the asses and fools since 1979 would likely need to be multi-volume, likely approaching the size of an encyclopedia.  Today may be too target-rich for one man to tackle this subject.
Personally, I would like him to take up his pen to deal with the biggest nuisance of what can  be termed “public nuisances.” Barrack H. Obama.  There is no one who has irked me more and it looks like he intends to continue.

The Perfection of Public Nuisances

Below is a column by Jack Hellner from the American Thinker.  It is not comprehensive but  deals with  just one of this man’s many abnormalities.

Someone who fits the perfect definition of narcissist

If anyone wants to see the definition of a narcissist, one need only look at the following quote from President Obama:

“If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama said. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

Note that he did not say create one million Martin Luther Kings or Mother Teresas, nope, he believes he and Michelle are much better than them.

It is no wonder that Obama thinks he is so special because most of the media told him how great and how smart he was throughout his term as president and continues to genuflect to him.

I personally believe that one Obama or Michelle is way too many because I never wanted to remake the greatest country that ever existed, and I was very proud of the U.S before Obama came along, unlike Michelle.

I am very thankful that we now have a president who wants to give the power, purse and freedom for the people instead of a president who continually wanted to usurp more power for the government as he did.

Television personality Chris Matthews, on the other hand, would probably like one million Obamas so he can have one million more thrills up his leg.

I continually ask journalists and others which of Obama’s policies were meant to lift up the entire economy, especially the poor, young minorities, and middle class? All came from Obama’s policies were making the government more powerful and more people dependent on government. I truly can’t think of any that really accomplished what Obama claimed they would accomplish.

I also can’t think of any foreign policies that were meant to make the U.S. stronger and the world and the U.S. safer. I can’t think of any good foreign policy achievements either.

Obama and his predecessors left Trump a lot of problems and he is trying to address as many of them as fast as he can.

For example:

What did Obama do to make schools and communities safer during his eight years? The Promise program did make it more dangerous by not reporting troubled youth to police. Pretending does not make things safer. Pretty soon you may have a troubled kid getting guns and killing seventeen in Florida.

Why didn’t leftwing movie star George Clooney, who funded the recent March for our Lives, and others, spend massive amounts of money to organize protests during Obama?

Maybe Clooney and others should spend their millions to create jobs for inner city kids or put them in college or vocational schools instead of the protests.

Why didn’t we see the following sign on CNN during Obama’s term, since he played lots of golf?

“Our children are dying! Trump is golfing!”

It is too bad the following signs weren’t there to teach the children:

“When Hitler took away the guns millions died.”

“The United States would not be free if only the British had guns”

The opioid epidemic and overdose crisis has expanded exponentially for years. I do not remember any major focus on it during Obama but he did allow Hezbollah to continue a drug-running operation to appease Iran.

Russia has tried to influence our elections for years, so why wasn’t there an investigation of collusion with Obama after the 2012 election, since Obama, in a hot-mic moment, said he would be flexible with Russia after the eletion, and then made fun of his 2012 political challenger, Mitt Romney, who said Russia was dangerous?

Obama used the Justice Department as his personal fiefdom while he was president, ignoring laws he didn’t like, spying on people he didn’t like, and protecting the woman he wanted to continue his policies from prosecution, and all of a sudden the media cares about the Justice Department being independent?

On trade, we have treated China with kid gloves for decades and Obama said manufacturing jobs would be gone forever. Thank goodness Trump is finally addressing the problem.

Facebook, Google and other social media have been mining personal data for years. Obama, Hillary and others have always used data to target voters but now, because someone associated with Trump used the data in the same way, it is a concern?  I believe Facebook and Google are dangerous to our privacy. It is a shame that the media didn’t care when Obama used the data.

If the U.S people want to see one of the best reasons not to want one million Obamas around, it would be by looking at the Benghazi scandal. As a terrorist attack was happening the night of 9/11/12, and no one knew how long it would last, Obama, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others did nothing to save the Americans under attack. Instead they seemed solely focused on creating a narrative to save Obama’s job as he ran for re-election. They even lied to the families of those who died.

Most journalists also did not care about those that died or their families. Their focus also was on allowing Obama to keep his job.

No, we don’t need a million more Obamas.

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