Hillary’s Medical Condition

I am not a doctor, at least not a medical doctor. Therefore, I am unqualified to comment on Hillary’s Medical Condition. Something is clearly wrong. Many doctors have opined on this issue. At least one has lost his job for suggesting she is medically unfit for office.

There are too many incidents to ignore the fact that Hillary’s medical condition appears extremely serious. Today Hillary had another “episode” at the 9/11 Remembrance.

The mainstream media is shielding this important factor before the presidential election. Fortunately we have the internet as an alternative news source. Much of what is on the internet is fantasy and untrue. Yet it is the only source where the truth can be found. The problem of course is that one has to separate the wheat from the chaff. Much of what appears is chaff and lies. Some of what appears is truth that the so-called establishment does not want you to know.

Two videos, purportedly provided by trained doctors, argue that her condition is very serious and even life-threatening. Is it possible that this is true?!!! I have no idea but both of these videos seem knowledgeable  in terms of medical diagnoses and Hillary’s behavior as witnessed by millions.