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Monty’s Musings


A baker’s dozen of random musings about our time:

The past 20 plus years represent illusory prosperity built on the fiction that you can borrow your way to a higher standard of living. We have been consuming the capital produced by previous generations rather than adding to it.

The country is in long-term secular decline. There is no natural “cycle of civilization” driving the decline. Poor government policies, implemented over many years, are responsible. Repeal and reversal of these policies can reverse the decline. Sadly, history provides no examples of reversals without bloodshed.

Government cannot create prosperity, but it can destroy it.

Most politicians are little more than frustrated actors — too stupid for radio and too ugly for TV.

Most academicians have been educated well beyond their level of competence.

The next two or three decades will have a more profound impact on the world than the Great Depression and perhaps the two World Wars.

A half-truth is equivalent to a half-virgin. Neither exists.

Economics can provide the answers, but it cannot implement the solutions. That is a political task and economics does not have an antidote for political cowardice.

To be stupid, government need not be big. But big guarantees stupidity.

Politicians view the public in simple terms — wallets to be picked and votes to be mined.

Politics is slavery by increment.

You can’t “smell the roses” if you can’t find them.

Nothing moral can be achieved via coercion.

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