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Hillary — Excess Baggage


The silly season is upon us again. As usual the media is willing to allow their preferred candidate excess baggage. Unfortunately the laws of physics may override the media favor. The amount of excess baggage Hillary Clinton carries threatens to overwhelm the airplane. This  plane is badly overloaded with baggage and more is coming. It may not be able to lift off.


The New York Times Flips

The most recent revelation, reported in the NY Times, is that Hillary Clinton may have received cash for her foundation from Russia as the quid  in a quid pro quo in a uranium deal. The Washington Post is also all over this issue. Add this to a litany of almost thirty years of recorded baggage from Arkansas and Washington and one wonders why this woman believes she has a right to be president. Given what is still ahead in terms of expected new revelations, one wonders why Ms. Clinton does not just disappear into her dotage and spend time with her grandchild.

As with so many other things political, H. L. Mencken provided the answer:

one who is so stupid that the ideas of the mob are his own ideas, or one so far gone in charlatanry that he is unconscious of his shame. Our laws are made, in the main, by men who have sold their honour for their jobs, and they are executed by men who put their jobs above justice and common sense.

mencken2We don’t know who the Republican opponent will be, but be assured there will be baggage there. Most of the aspirants are “unknown,” providing them an advantage in terms of baggage. Newness provides this advantage, not ethics or integrity. Their choice of occupation reveals their true character in advance of the skeletons being formed or discovered:

A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar. H. L. Mencken

The press will do its best to find (or invent) something on the un-preferred Republican candidate. Those who believe that having no knowledge, history or past is beneficial to obtaining office are correct. But is it good for governance? Barack Obama is the prime example of such an election strategy and look at what he has done to the country.

In a nation of 250 million plus people, a dominant political party should be able to find a good candidate. Furthermore, they should have back-ups for this candidate in the event of failure. The Democrat Party has revealed its depth and its morality with its support for Hillary Clinton. That she could be the presumptive nominee is an indictment on the Party, the country and the ignorance of the American public. Ann Coulter, no friend of Democrats, described the presumptive candidate thusly:

She’s a bore. She has the warmth of an Arctic ice floe. She hates people, and they hate her. She makes children cry and puppies shy away from her. Nobody wants to watch her wallow around in those neon pantsuits for the next five years.

Political Corruption

Politics has become so corrupt that duping the public requires someone with no past. Hillary does not fit this category. Barack Obama did but it will be a long time before that gambit is tried again. Soon we will be or should be judging our politicians in terms of criminality. Violating fewer laws may be the future standard:

“Vote for me because I have only been convicted of manslaughter. My opponent was convicted of murder.”

Government in the United States is approaching that of a third-world country. Albert J. Nock said it best when he described all government:

Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class

Your children and grandchildren should be searching for a different place to live. This country is accelerating downhill. Unfortunately, the same forces at work in this country are at work in other ones.

In the meantime, enjoy this next election. I said early on that Hillary Clinton was over and probably would not run. That is wrong, at least thus far. I expect it will not wrong be for long. It looks to me that millions of dollars were bet on Hillary as an advance payment for favors to be delivered when she became president. That presents a problem for her, even among thieves, as discussed here. People, especially the unscrupulous ones, do not like their lackeys taking money and not delivering.

There are sub-currents that we may never know about. When the NY Times turns on Hillary, presumably it is to protect Bill or the Democrat Party. Further, what role is Obama or Valerie Jarrett playing in this game? I suspect they are contributing to the destruction of Hillary.

This is delicious for any fan of political corruption. True fans know it is rife. The fact that it is now exploding into the public is what is different. I hope H. L. Mencken is able to watch this fun from wherever he resides.



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