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FLIMFLAM MAN Is Finally Finished


FLIMFLAM MAN is finally finished — the book, not the man.

It is available at:

It is the story of a failed and flawed President, a tragedy in many respects.

Barack Obama entered office with high accolades and expectations. He will leave office with a legacy of  “he out-Cartered Jimmy Carter” and likely be remembered as the Elmer Gantry of US politics.

Delusional tendencies and ideological extremism may cut his term short. Democrats will suffer for a decade or more as a result of his actions and policies.

The book is as error free or as close to it as I am able/willing to produce. Should any of you find any typos, please let me know and they will be corrected.

Reviews from all readers are encouraged.

I hope you enjoy the read. It totals around  280 pages in hard copy.

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