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Liberalism Unmasked


obama-liberal-logic-101-558There are reasons to be worried. Things are not right in America. Current conditions are unlike anything I have witnessed in my seven decades on this sphere. Here is a pretty good summation of what I feel:

I don’t know if these are the last days, or just the last days of freedom, but our republic is now beset by millions of fiction voters who elected a fiction president based on fairy-tale promises. And it’s looking less and less like our story ends with “happily ever after.”

These words end a wonderful piece by Selwyn Duke that explains the nonsense of modern-day liberalism. For those of us who believe liberalism is a religion, devoid of logic or facts, Mr. Duke provides a well-written analysis that explains this modern-day disease.

To understand why it is so difficult to converse with liberals, no matter how fact-based your position is, consider this:

When a person who lives a sincere life finds that part of his ideology conflicts with the Truth, he alters his ideology. But what if you not only were attached to your ideology like a drunkard to drink, but didn’t acknowledge Truth’s existence? It is then that you, instead, rationalize away the Truth.

Read Mr. Duke’s article to better understand what we are dealing with.


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