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Liberal — Conservative Breach

  • Humor
  • 2 min read

red_blue_statesThere are two America’s. One is Red and the other is Blue. This breach between liberals and conservatives is considered by some as too great to mollify. Some fantasize about breaking the US into two separate parts so that people of like minds can live more happily.

Obviously, such a solution is not going to happen, at least not peacefully. We saw some Southern states try it 150 years ago. Government revealed its true colors when it prevented the secession of states from the Union. Law, morality and ethics were tossed aside in order to preserve government power.

Government never relinquishes what it has, although it is always happy to gain more. Nevertheless, I enjoyed one wag’s solution to this problem as shown below. It might be an acceptable solution at least in terms of government not reducing its plunder pool.

liberal quarantine
H/T: Reader Bob S.

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