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Government Lies About The IRS Scandal


Government lies. Often! As matters become more dangerous for government, the lies increase.

The IRS non-scandal scandal is real! So too are the other so-called non-scandals. Government at practiced by current administrators considers itself immune to law, ethics or morality. It is a government bent on the acquisition of power regardless of the means used.

Listen to Cleta Mitchell detail her experience with the IRS. This is scary stuff, especially so when the President is willing to blatantly lie about what is going on and the Justice Department is willing to cover it up with a sham investigation.  I am not sure how many times that Ms. Mitchell uses the term “lies” in her testimony, only that it is a lot and likely not enough.

Government has become a predatory monster, running over anyone in its way in order to gain complete and total control of your finances and your life.

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