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The Rule of Law and the Constitution

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Loss of Liberty clip_image001(1)The political class is destroying The Rule of Law and the Constitution. That is a recurring theme on this website. Laws constraining government are the only thing that stand between us and raw tyranny.

Neither party seems to mind gaining power at the expense of citizen freedoms. Republicans, by refusing to act against legal transgressions, are tacitly approving them and buttressing precedents that will destroy the country. The unwillingness to stop what is occurring is shameful. Whether this power grab  can be stopped or not is moot. The political class in Washington seems quite satisfied with their increasing stranglehold on American throats. Peasants with pitchforks may be the only solution.

The following email came from a reader. It and the links in it should be read carefully. Freedom is on the ropes:

Yesterday I forwarded an article, “US Generals take action to watch Obama,” (, in which a key General “called for the “forced resignations” of President Obama and congressional leaders in response to multiple grievances, including the alleged political purge of hundreds of senior military officers.”   Two retired U.S. generals are creating a citizens’ commission to scrutinize Obama administration actions on national security and economic issues.

I can’t stress sufficiently how drastic this event actually is.

Today, an additional article, (, outlining, in part, Obama’s uniqueness, and that it  is something new to the American experience, and troubling.

The article stresses the obvious, such as:

Obama has spent the past five years methodically testing the limits of what he can get away with, like one of those crafty velociraptors testing the electric fence in Jurassic Park. Barack Obama is a Harvard Law graduate, and he knows that he cannot make recess appointments when Congress is not in recess. He knows that his HHS is promulgating regulations that conflict with federal statutes. He knows that he is not constitutionally empowered to pick and choose which laws will be enforced and which will not, or to establish a different timeline from the one found in the law itself.

The administration is transparently violating the letter of the law to see after its own political interests. That is an intolerable state of affairs.

Congress’s supine ceding of its powers, and the Obama administration’s usurpation of both legal and extralegal powers, is worrisome. But what is particularly disturbing is the quiet, polite, workaday manner with which the administration goes about its business — and with which the American public accepts it.

Read both articles – again and again.  Become informed.  Inform others.  Search for ways and means to route these “Progressives,” –and   I’m reluctant to conclude that many of the Republican “Old Guard” need to be denied further feeding at the government trough for “going along to get along” to the point that the nation is damn near ruined.

America must get a group of stout hearted leaders to take charge, not only to draw a line in the sand, but to publically kick some bloated butts.

Bob S

3 thoughts on “The Rule of Law and the Constitution”

  1. Bring on the peoples Common Law Grand Jury which will
    Undue all the wrong which has been done within our judicial system
    Since the 1789 original Constitution was criminally altered
    Leading to the current corporate state of America.

    Tell our good military they must seek the advice of those who are
    Backing the peoples CLG jury to help them legally bring us back in line
    With what our Republic should be and was to be under the constitution
    Bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence,


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