Going From Bad To Worse(r)

moneymonster (2)Lots of good reader commentary developed regarding the recent post Why Things Are Getting Worse — Much Worse. Reader Blair is particularly strong in his condemnation of our current situation, quite a bit stronger than my original article. You can read it and decide for yourself whether you believe Blair overstates matters. His style is different than mine but there is no conflict in terms of conclusions, although he takes his further than I did.

Indeed, “the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders” are obviously preparing for a future in which there will be imposed democidal martial law. The USA has already gone past the event horizon of a social black hole. We are going to be sucked in to some series of runaway social insanities … This is way worse than we can imagine, since there is nothing in history to compare it to. Just as there can be no sane wars fought with weapons of mass destruction, there can be no sane civil wars nor violent revolutions in a society which has an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, but nevertheless, the already established economic systems have a fundamentally fraudulent foundation, which is going to automatically drive us through debt insanities, to result in collapsing into chaos.

The USA has already gone past the point of no return in its degree of irreconcilable social polaritions. However, there is no possible coherent theory about how to resolve that, given the globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed up by atomic bombs.

It is quite obviously impossible to get people to understand that situation, or how to resolve it, because NOBODY KNOWS HOW.

We are watching the runaway triumph of well-established social systems based on legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, where that legalized violence can NEVER make those legalized lies become true. However, every day, those established systems automatically become more insane, as the debt slavery numbers automatically get bigger and bigger, and indeed, are ALREADY DEBT INSANITIES … because those numbers, when faced objectively, obviously mean that nothing within the established systems can possibly be done to pay off those debts … Therefore, the ONLY thing that the government, and “the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders” can do is keep on kicking the can down the road, time after time, as the runaway financial frauds automatically become more insane, while the threats of genocidal wars and democidal martial law constantly build up their pressures!

Most people want to not understand this, since, IF one fully faces the facts, there looks like there is nothing to understand that makes any sense. The established systems are based on runway triumphant financial frauds, which are automatically getting worse faster, while the force of the government (and also the increasingly mercenary forces) continue to back up those frauds, to enable their consequences to automatically grow to even more astronomically amplified sizes.

There is WAY “too much cognitive dissonance” inherent in the established systems of runaway force backed frauds, where everything in the economy is measured with bent rubber rulers, which operate within a fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system.

The DEEPER problem is that the vast majority of people do not want to wake up to the fact that not only is their society operating infinite tunnels of deceits, but also, it MUST necessarily be! To make the economic systems make sense, they must be consistent with the natural energy systems. However, when we make the reality of economic systems consistent with energy systems, we then discover WHY the people who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, actually control civilization.

For the majority of people to possibly “wake up” they would have to break through the “cognitive dissonance” to a degree which would amount to going THROUGH the looking glass of our collective Bizarro Mirror World.

For enough people to understand the degree to which everything they were taught is BACKWARDS, on every level, appears to require a series of political miracles. Instead, what looks most probable is a series of social storms, collapses into chaos, and psychotic breakdowns, due to the FACT that our entire economic system is dominated by runaway triumphant frauds, which are backed by the force of governments, which are effectively the puppets of the banksters.

There are NO genuine solutions which could exist outside of the context, since that is the REALITY. The overwhelming vast majority of people have already been so totally brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies’ bullshit, that they could barely even begin to understand their own REALITY.

Therefore, the most probable futures ARE what this article said:

“The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.”

That is the REAL situation, and it matches that runaway social insanity that it is ALSO true that:

“The majority of the American people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country.”

When one adds those TWO FACTS together, then the runaway social reality is necessarily headed towards a series of psychotic breakdowns.

The ONLY theoretically good resolutions to that would require enough people go through creative breakthroughs, towards deep paradigm shifts, to understand energy systems in ways which could adequately comprehend how and why governments are based on robbery, and therefore, why the banksters were able to effectively privatize that power to rob.

I believe that more radical truths about energy systems CAN comprehend those social realities, and could provide ways to cope with those realities better. HOWEVER, THERE ARE NO REASONS TO BELIEVE THAT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH THAT PROCESS … because they do not want to, since “To do so would cause too much cognitive dissonance.” BECAUSE “The majority of the American people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country.”


“The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.”

And, we have not seen anything yet regarding how much worse that is going to get!!!

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  1. I don’t know whether or not I agree with Blair, but I think that at the root of the problem is that the deleterious behaviors (individual, corporate, governmental or electoral) arise not from the fact that a substantial majority of the populace/electorate are not hampered by what they “do not know or understand”, so much as that they are hampered by the fact that “what they know simply is not so!”

  2. Excessive hyperbole, I think. I believe the US economy is stronger and more resilient than many readers here give it credit for. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me if GDP growth were to be 2-2.5% annualized in the next few quarters, knocking down the deficit. And I think we’ll see unemployment down to around 7-6.5%. Admittedly far from a traditional recovery but still limping forward. I don’t think the policies of Obama, to which about half the voters seem to ascribe, are good economically but because we have divided government, he’s not been able to do nearly as much mischief as he’d like. At the present rate, things won’t die that quickly, and there still may well be significant profits to be had. (See Trading to Armageddon) It’s quite possible that more deterioration in Europe or even some kind of implosion in Japan might be beneficial for the US in the short term (flight to presumed safety). It makes more sense to attend more to our own personal and financial affairs and fret less about the Ben Bernankes, Jamie Dimonds and Mario Draghis of the world about whom we as individuals can do nothing.

    1. You need to go to theeconomicollapseblog.com and read any article there, then tell us how accurate you think your statement is. Detroit is practically a post apocalyptic wasteland right NOW.

      1. Syrin, I’m familiar w Detroit, worked @ UHC/Detroit Receiving Hosp. 3 yrs. Detroit is an extreme case, with a sociopathic dependency based underclass that constitutes nearly 50% of the population. I’m in the Boston area now. The city has its problem neighborhoods but overall is vibrant and thriving. The affluence of some of the suburban towns is amazing. And all this in the so-called Peoples Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

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