Why Things Will Get Worse — Much Worse

actondIt is easy to be upset about what is happening all around. The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies. Incentives to work are being eliminated by punishing work. At the same time rewards are increasing for not working. Not surprisingly we get less of what we penalize (work) and more of what we subsidize (non-work).

As an economist I get sick over what I see happening to what was once a great engine of productivity, capital creation and improvements in standards of living.

After two centuries of progress that amazed the world, the conditions necessary for growth and productivity are steadily being removed. Their presence allowed the miracle of America. Their absence guarantees the decline. Carried to extreme, the US could become a second or third-world nation within a few decades. Virtually all changes in the last five to ten years point in this direction and these changes are accelerating.

As pained as the economic retrogression is, the loss of freedom is even more disturbing. It was free markets and free men that made America the dominant economic power and the beacon of freedom. Without freedom, no economic policy can succeed. Yet, just as economic policies seem designed to destroy rather than create, so too does the role of government as steadily destroys freedom with its expanded oppression and power. The absence of freedom is tyranny. The absence of freedom is also poverty.

animal farms (2)Economic decline is difficult to convey, although data are useful. The decline of liberty, however, is not easily quantifiable and even more difficult to communicate. An email from Simon Black (I have no link to the text, the link included is to his website), expresses his concern regarding Leviathan government and its increasing oppression. It provides as good a qualitative measure of what is occurring to freedom in this country:

By now it should be clear to anyone paying attention that most of Western civilization is on a dangerous slide into tyranny. 
They’re confiscating funds directly from people’s bank accounts. They’re seizing reporters’ personal records and phone logs. They’re digitally spying on everyone’s emails.
They’ve authorized military detention and drone assassination of their own citizens. They’re using tax offices to harass political opposition groups.
They tell us what we are allowed to eat and drink, what foods we are allowed to put in our own body.

Think about it. These are Soviet tactics, plain and simple. 

What’s more, they don’t even care. They think we’re all idiots who are too stupid to even notice what they’re doing.

In fact, just a few days ago, Barack Obama staunchly defended his policies, saying “you can complain about Big Brother. . . but when you actually look at the details, then I think we’ve struck the right balance.” This is textbook sociopathic behavior: destructive, antisocial conduct and a complete lack of conscience. 

Unfortunately this is just the beginning. 

Imagine what it will look like in a few more years: trillions of dollars of more debt… more printed currency. More police state tactics. More invasions of privacy. More ridiculous regulations.

Unless government oppression is beaten back, there is no hope for the future. For those who focus on the foolish economic policies, they miss the root cause of all of our problems — oversized, overactive, interventionist, overcontrolling and oppressive government. Unless government can be reduced in size and power dramatically and then put back into its Constitutional box, nothing will improve in the economy. Ultimately the economy will collapse and freedom will be lost.

History shows no examples reversing these kinds of trends. Civilizations die as a result and then they rebuild from the ashes. But history never knew the flowering of such a vibrant civilization before our break from King George. It seems as though a similar miracle is required today.
I fear the majority of the American people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country. They appear too content collecting whatever benefits the government buys them off with. These benefits will cease when the economy can no longer be pillaged. By then, it will likely be too late.
America will continue to exist and it will eventually be free and prosperous again. But there will be a long period, call it the modern-day  Dark Ages, before freedom and prosperity return. A century or so seems a reasonable guess. Evil will eventually be overcome, but not before generations suffer as a result of our allowing and enabling the growth in government power.

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  1. Old Coyote Knose… that the United States of Perpetual War Profiteering will not exist by 2050 or 2060. A nation that can’t even manufacture its own shoes any more, does not deserve to exist… let alone prosper. Rome is burning… and it is our patriotic duty to pour fuel on the fire!

    Not that it matters. Most of humanity (a.k.a.: ‘ewe-man-unkind’) will be perched at the edge of extinction by the end of the century.

  2. This country has gotten too corrupt..Too many politicians in bed with the devil..Only one way to straighten it out is to get rid of all of them,cause from what we have seen from election,its even rigged..So the people have no say so..What do you do now?

  3. Obama said “I think we’ve struck the right balance.”

    It’s not his job, or within his power to strike that balance. The balance was struck in 1791.

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    It’s within Congress’ power to propose, PROPOSE, changes to that balence. But the People, via their state legislatures must approve any changes. The people themselves have it within their power to also propose changes. ”

    An amendment limiting Representatives to 3 terms and Senators to 2, would be a Good Thing.

  4. Our system of government has failed us badly. We go from electing a far right zealot to electing a far left ripoff the public and give it to loosers. What ever happened to the idea of government of the people. Those centrist individuals with common sense. There is only one hope, and that is direct democracy, where everyone old enough votes on whatever they want. Bribery, corporate special interests, religious zealots, bleading heart liberals, congressmen,…….all lose their ability to skim off the top and bankrupt our once great country.

    1. Direct Democracy is a bad ideal and part of what got us in this mess. Our country was not and was never intended to be a “Democracy”. It was set up as a Constitutional Republic which is a different thing. They devised a system of checks and balances that were supposed to protect us from government. As our government has increasingly ignored the intent of the founders, aided and abetted by the courts (lets not forget that the Supreme Court is a branch of the government too) things have gotten worse. If United States Senators were still appointed by State Legislatures, we would have a better situation that we have now. The Founding Fathers rightly knew that Democracy was a bad ideal. Democracy essentially is “mob rule”. Whatever the majority wants, they get. That’s what’s happening now. Everyone has their hand out and the people in Congress give it to them (out of the Public Treasury) because it keeps them in office. Direct Democracy would make things worse not better!

      1. Direct Democracy was not what got us in this mess. Representative democracy was and that is ruling by the elite. Do they have a separate healthcare, pension plan? Your system of checks and balances adds up to gridlock. Even a good idea cant be passed, or is watered down. Congressmen appointed by other representatives is a horrible idea. Two levels between the elitests and the people. The people could never get fair play. Mob Rule you say…….yeah, that is what majority rule is. Your starting to sound like you want to have the king appoint his cronies who could appoint more cronies. We got rid of that failed policy in 1776. Your tone is definitely against a government of the people. The Taliban would love you and your theories.

        1. I agree with Bill. “Majority rule” is not the same thing as good leadership. The average voter gets his opinion from CNN, bumper stickers, and whatever personal annoyances are going on in his life. Ask him if he’s read the hard data for any subject he’s asked to vote on and the answer is invariably “no.”

          If a person isn’t qualified to lead the country individually, then 100 million of him aren’t going to do a better job.

          The mindless chanting of the word “freedom” will lead to our destruction.

      1. The worst far right zealots are against a womans right to choose. Cant think of any in that catagory? We needed a financial conservative and Palin delivered a knockout punch to any chance of that happening with her stance against what over 60% of the peoples wanted, right to choose. Time for Repubicans to wake up and smell the coffee on that one. Probably lost the election on that one. Palin sounded right on several issues, but shot the party in the foot with her religion.

  5. Of grave importance is the need to heed the countries anti-trust laws because it was ignoring them that gave us these politician buying monopolies to begin with. I am curious as to why we have not been hearing any mention of it or am I missing something?

    1. Very well said. As the corporations concentrate their efforts on acquiring more power and less on actually doing business, we get less for our money and the cash is funneled upward to increasingly less competent decision makers who are only interested in money trading and have no knowledge of the actual business.

  6. ” At the same time rewards are increasing for not working ”
    i am Egyptian American unemployed resides in my first home country Egypt. how i apply for my rewards for being not working if that possible? could you please reply to my question.

  7. I’ve just discovered your site… bounced around for the last half hour… generally agree with your views of what’s happening to our country… however, the smoke and mirrors has blinded you to real problem; you’ve confused symptoms with problems.

    THE problem is that private banks were authorized to counterfeit money with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Every loan results in the creation of new fake money. Power resides with the creators of credit; that power, initially the province of sovereign nations, was finally captured by the money trust.

    There is no more sovereign government in the United States, it has been fully taken over by the interest of the system of credit creation. The problem with a debt-money system is that eventually you run out of borrowers, which ends in an economic crash. Of course, the supporters of such a system don’t want to see an end to the gravy train so they search for new borrowers. Now you know why our factories began to leave for Asia back in the 70s. That migration is almost complete. Another likely candidate are the Muslim nations who have mostly escaped envelopment by western bankers. Instead of factories they got the bomb.

    Government is a simply a convenient cutout, it no longer has any power. Obama is just a puppet, as was Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc. No president since Kennedy has bucked the system. You’re ire is directed at the wrong target. Not a century, more like a thousand years… even so, people have to understand the real cause of decline and collapse if we’re to build the next great civilization.

    1. I agree, Mark, that THE problem is privatization of the power to make money out of nothing as debts. That results in “governments” providing the force to back up fraud.

      See my originally comment below for the still DEEPER problem that what exists is actually a combined money/murder system, and the privatization of the debt controls is effectively the privatization of the death controls.

    1. I agree with what Mr. Wilson said with the exception of “by insane economic policies.” Policies are not, and cannot, be insane, although the people who create and promote such policies may or may not be insane. I believe that the people who have created and directed the US’ economic policies since the collapse of Lehman Brothers (and immediately prior) are sane, rational, and evil.

      By creating world-wide Great Depression II, these evil people will force desperate people to accept the New World Order of global, oligarchic corporatism. Mussolini said that
      “corporatism” was a better name for what is generally known as fasciism.

      Remember, the Great Depression did not so much destroy assets, such as homes, farms, and businesses, as cause those assets to be transferred from those who were financially ruined to those with the money to buy those assets for pennies on the dollar of the prior market price.

  8. Of course, it is NOT just the “growth of government power” but rather the covert take over of the powers of government by the consistent application of the methods of organized crime. Furthermore, the only possible genuine solutions would have to realistically and pragmatically face those social facts, that it has been the real history of the triumph of organized crime being able to covertly take control of the powers of governments which is the source of WHY and HOW “the economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.”

    Since the already established systems have been globalized, to become privatized fiat “money,” made out of nothing, as debts, which fraud is backed up by the threats of using force such as atomic bombs, and other weapons of mass destruction, THINGS ARE MUCH WORSE THAN THIS ARTICLE INDICATES! How could we politics ever develop to be able to cope with the advances in science and technologies enabling human beings to become trillions of times more powerful than they ever were before in known human history?

    My philosophical suggestions regarding that are that we need profound paradigm shifts. To understand HOW and WHY civilization developed through the stages where the War Kings created sovereign states, which were then covertly taken over by the Fraud Kings, particularly, the private banking systems, one needs to apply unitary mechanisms, rather than continuing to rely upon old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals.

    The basic facts are that MONEY IS BACKED BY MURDER, AND MUST NECESSARILY BE. Therefore, the only feasible genuine solutions must be based on radical changes in the death controls, in order to sustain radical changes in the debt controls. The ONLY way that human civilization could “continue to exist and … eventually be free and prosperous again” is if it admitted and faced the radical truth about itself. Civilization was, is, and must be, some systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. To be “free and prosperous again” would require that new dynamic equilibria between the different systems of organized lies and robberies were able to evolve.

    However, at the present time,”people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country.” To effectively understand, those people would have to understand that they are members of organized crime gangs, which have been taken over too much by the ruling classes who have become too good at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence. Therefore, the previous systems of debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceits, have been transformed to become debt insanity, backed by insane wars, which is HOW and WHY “Things Will Get Worse — Much Worse!”

    To resolve our real problems, we must really understand them, which requires we go through radical paradigm shifts in our basic political science, which are related to radical paradigm shifts in other sciences. The deepest problems are due to the facts that warfare is the oldest and best developed social science, and that success in warfare was based on deceits. Therefore, the War Kings were those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence. The powers of sovereign states are based on robbery, with the ultimate power to rob being the power to kill. Militarism was the development of organized crime on larger and larger scales. The central core of the destruction backed deceits evolved from physical power to become force backed frauds. That became the currently established system, run by the Fraud Kings, the central banks, with the Bank of International Settlements now being the King of Kings of Frauds.

    Since money is backed by murder, but those who operate those systems do so through the long history of the maximum possible deceits, and the people doing that currently are the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, OF COURSE, “the economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.” However, there are NO theoretical solutions which can avoid the central issue, which is that money is backed by murder, and must be. Therefore, the ONLY way to actually return to being relatively “free and prosperous again” is by going through the coming social storms, until, IF we survive, we evolve new ways to make and maintain dynamic equilibria between those surviving systems of organized lies and robberies.

  9. The biggest problem in getting the mass of people to understand what’s going on is that they are incapable of considering the idea that their leaders (really the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders) are out to screw them. They’re capable of considering their leaders to be bumbling fools, but they cannot consider their leaders to be out-and-out knaves. To do so would cause too much cognitive dissonance. I’ve tried to get my friends to understand what’s happening to them and who is doing it, but they just cannot entertain the idea that the US government, which they were taught to love in the government-owned-and-operated schools they attended, is in fact their enemy..

    1. Indeed, “the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders” are obviously preparing for a future in which there will be imposed democidal martial law. The USA has already gone past the event horizon of a social black hole. We are going to be sucked in to some series of runaway social insanities … This is way worse than we can imagine, since there is nothing in history to compare it to. Just as there can be no sane wars fought with weapons of mass destruction, there can be no sane civil wars nor violent revolutions in a society which has an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, but nevertheless, the already established economic systems have a fundamentally fraudulent foundation, which is going to automatically drive us through debt insanities, to result in collapsing into chaos.

      The USA has already gone past the point of no return in its degree of irreconcilable social polaritions. However, there is no possible coherent theory about how to resolve that, given the globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed up by atomic bombs.

      It is quite obviously impossible to get people to understand that situation, or how to resolve it, because NOBODY KNOWS HOW.

      We are watching the runaway triumph of well-established social systems based on legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, where that legalized violence can NEVER make those legalized lies become true. However, every day, those established systems automatically become more insane, as the debt slavery numbers automatically get bigger and bigger, and indeed, are ALREADY DEBT INSANITIES … because those numbers, when faced objectively, obviously mean that nothing within the established systems can possibly be done to pay off those debts … Therefore, the ONLY thing that the government, and “the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders” can do is keep on kicking the can down the road, time after time, as the runaway financial frauds automatically become more insane, while the threats of genocidal wars and democidal martial law constantly build up their pressures!

      Most people want to not understand this, since, IF one fully faces the facts, there looks like there is nothing to understand that makes any sense. The established systems are based on runway triumphant financial frauds, which are automatically getting worse faster, while the force of the government (and also the increasingly mercenary forces) continue to back up those frauds, to enable their consequences to automatically grow to even more astronomically amplified sizes.

      There is WAY “too much cognitive dissonance” inherent in the established systems of runaway force backed frauds, where everything in the economy is measured with bent rubber rulers, which operate within a fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system.

      The DEEPER problem is that the vast majority of people do not want to wake up to the fact that not only is their society operating infinite tunnels of deceits, but also, it MUST necessarily be! To make the economic systems make sense, they must be consistent with the natural energy systems. However, when we make the reality of economic systems consistent with energy systems, we then discover WHY the people who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, actually control civilization.

      For the majority of people to possibly “wake up” they would have to break through the “cognitive dissonance” to a degree which would amount to going THROUGH the looking glass of our collective Bizarro Mirror World.

      For enough people to understand the degree to which everything they were taught is BACKWARDS, on every level, appears to require a series of political miracles. Instead, what looks most probable is a series of social storms, collapses into chaos, and psychotic breakdowns, due to the FACT that our entire economic system is dominated by runaway triumphant frauds, which are backed by the force of governments, which are effectively the puppets of the banksters.

      There are NO genuine solutions which could exist outside of the context, since that is the REALITY. The overwhelming vast majority of people have already been so totally brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies’ bullshit, that they could barely even begin to understand their own REALITY.

      Therefore, the most probable futures ARE what this article said:

      “The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.”

      That is the REAL situation, and it matches that runaway social insanity that it is ALSO true that:

      “The majority of the American people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country.”

      When one adds those TWO FACTS together, then the runaway social reality is necessarily headed towards a series of psychotic breakdowns.

      The ONLY theoretically good resolutions to that would require enough people go through creative breakthroughs, towards deep paradigm shifts, to understand energy systems in ways which could adequately comprehend how and why governments are based on robbery, and therefore, why the banksters were able to effectively privatize that power to rob.

      I believe that more radical truths about energy systems CAN comprehend those social realities, and could provide ways to cope with those realities better. HOWEVER, THERE ARE NO REASONS TO BELIEVE THAT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH THAT PROCESS … because they do not want to, since “To do so would cause too much cognitive dissonance.” BECAUSE “The majority of the American people are too dumbed down to understand what is happening to them and their country.”


      “The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies.”

      And, we have not seen anything yet regarding how much worse that is going to get!!!

  10. All of the above statements will come true IF, and here’s the IF…………….IF YOU let it happen!.
    Simple yet profound. Take back control of your local Government……don’t try and fight the top level…….that’s unreachable. Yo do have the ability to influence your local Boards and Councils and they in turn have a say in who gets YOUR money when the tax bills come down the pipe…………..it all starts at the local level. Without your funding the fat cats at the top would be bankrupt!

  11. The deceitfulness of riches has made us an unfruitful country. Wealth has enable us to evade truth. Liberals and Conservatives have spent their time and our treasure vying for the political spotlight and moral high ground. But the fun of watching Liberals and Conservatives pontificate at each other is proving an expensive and tiresome soap opera, without a happy ending.

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