Gold — Something Seems Very Wrong

gold1sThe gold market seems to be getting more and more bizarre. This behavior by central banks is merely another indication that something is wrong/about to happen. When central banks no longer trust one another, it would appear that the entire system is coming apart:

The move toward auditing gold holdings is getting more pronounced as we can see from this demand by Mexico in the above article excerpt. German officials have asked the US government for gold repatriation and so has Venezuela. Now it’s Mexico’s turn to start the process.

The old era in which central banking trust was ingrained in the system is gone now – and the ramifications are many even though they have not yet been felt. Central banks and bankers rely on joint programs and coordinated currency approaches. Without trust, strategies are difficult to create and programs are hard to implement.

Read the rest of the article at the Daily Bell.

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  1. If anyone were to ask my opinion, my suggestion would be to take everyone associated with the world-wide scam of leasing, rehypothecation and layers of claims on every ounce of precious metals and introduce them all to a tall tree and a short rope.
    No sane person could possibly believe those who created and who make profits from market manipulation don’t know it is nothing but a house of cards much like the entire concept of paper currency backed by nothing but misplaced trust.

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