The Dead Canary Is Having Its Weekend At Bernie’s

gold obamaRecent action is gold has been disappointing and perplexing. Central banks print money furiously in order to enable their bankrupt sovereigns to survive. Yet, gold is plunging when one would have thought it should be soaring.

The purpose for holding gold is to protect against currency moving toward its intrinsic value of zero. Yet just the opposite seems to be happening, at least recently.

Stewart Dougherty has a lengthy article entitled The Great Gold Deception and Misdirection. He concludes, as have many others, that gold is manipulated. His villain differs with most manipulation theories in that he blames banks rather than the Federal Government, although government is complicit in allowing this illegal  behavior.

Here are Mr. Dougherty’s conclusions:

In conclusion, for those concerned about what has been happening to precious metals prices, the following summary might provide some helpful context, and even consolation. Those of you who have chosen to denominate some portion of your wealth in precious metals have not been intellectually wrong; you have just been cheated, at least for now. To summarize:

1) The precious metals price rigging campaign that has taken place for the past 30+ years has been a simple, blatant, obvious crime.

2) This crime has been orchestrated by banksters for one purpose only: to make money. The money they have made has not come out of thin air; it has been stolen from people on the other side of the respective trades. Therefore, it is a crime scene strewn with real victims. The fuel for this crime has been the diagnosable mental illness called Greed.

3) This crime has not had one redeeming virtue, patriotic or otherwise. It has not in any way had anything to do with helping to “defend” the dollar or aid the United States or its people. It has only been about money, and greed.

4) This crime has created enormous threats to the United States economy, the dollar, and national security.

5) This crime has set the stage for the vast enrichment of powerful economic competitors, such as China and Russia.

6) By financially empowering the nation’s competitors, it will also empower them militarily, so the ruinous consequences of this crime are unpredictable, immeasurable and stark.

7) The road to tyranny is paved with banksterism, which is a supreme threat to citizens worldwide.

8) While smart nations such as China encourage their citizens to buy gold and silver, stupid nations such as the United States discourage gold ownership via metals price manipulation, and instead encourage spending on consumer products that ultimately impoverish citizens. When metals prices are revalued, which is absolutely inevitable, China’s citizens and government will gain, while America’s citizens and government will lose. This is a consequence of nuclear stupidity.

9) Greed is the seed of its own destruction, and price manipulations always fail in time. When the precious metals price manipulation fails, prices will surge from current depressed levels.

10) Ultimately, the truth will come out about the status of the United States gold reserve, and it is likely to be shocking. If the U.S. gold reserve has in fact been sold, for example to the Chinese, and/or appropriated by the banksters, the consequences for the United States economy and dollar will be dire and irreversible. The United States could become the equivalent of a third world nation virtually overnight, with staggering inflation, violent social unrest, exploding poverty, surging homelessness, and unprecedented hunger. Such news would outright guarantee the swift emergence of uncontrolled totalitarianism that would make previous historic episodes of this curse in countries such as the USSR and Germany look tame.

11) Readers should contact their elected representatives and ask why “too big to fail, and too big to touch” banks, that have been and continue to be backstopped by the American taxpayer, are allowed to speculate in the futures casino with tens to hundreds of billions of dollars. If these banksters lose, who pays? The taxpayer, obviously, but why is such insanity permitted to continue?

12) Readers should also ask their representatives, “Where is our gold? Do we still have any? How, Mr. or Ms. Elected Representative, do you know? If it is gone, who got it? And how much did they pay for it? Anything, or did they just give our government a piece of paper called a “Lease”? Why is the status of the people’s gold a state secret? How do you justify that, Mr. or Ms. Elected Representative? If you lie about our, the people’s gold, what else are you lying about? Is it, in fact, everything?

The End Game is coming. It is inevitable, despite official pronouncements to the contrary. Just look at the numbers. They do not lie. It is urgent that you take steps right now to protect not just your financial freedom, but your personal freedom as well.

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