Dim-Bulbism vs. Booboisie

mencken2America used to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Sure some of the opinions and images were exaggerated and we weren't as good as we thought we were. Most thought H. L. Mencken's deprecation of the people was humorous but not justifiable. Well, events and developments are beginning to strongly support Mencken's view.

Arnold Ahlert has a particularly devastating column that even Mencken might be proud of (although Mr. Ahlert is hardly as caustic);

Sorry conservatives, but self-inflicted Dim-Bulbism is the "new normal." It is the new normal for a media whose collective leg-tingling leaves them willfully oblivious to the corruption of this administration, as their non-coverage of serious scandals have shown. It is the new normal for the American electorate, the majority of which is now comprised of dumbed-down, self-absorbed semi-literate nitwits, their government keepers, and a cabal of crony capitalists, one of whom can apparently remain above persecution, even after his firm lost $1.5 billion of customer funds.

Ahlert puts into perspective what Mencken used to refer to as the "booboisie". Mencken coined the term in 1922 and it eventually made it into respected dictionaries then and now. It increasingly fits what is happening in America and should be a popular term except for its wierd spelling.

Mr. Ahlert uses "Dim-Bulbism," likely a near-perfect synonym for Mencken's more obscure term. To understand more of what Mencken and Ahlert meant, read Mr. Ahlert's column. Or better yet, pick up some of Mencken's work.

Let's home that Ahlert's term makes its way into popular usage.

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  1. Speaking of Tiger Mom.  Our Korean-Canadian friend said that during the summer holiday she was working in a lab for a professor full time.  On the weekend, her mother was pulling her out of bed, saying you can't sleep the day away.  It's time to study and get ready for next term.  "But mom, it's the summer holidays and I'm exhausted from work.  Let me sleep."

  2. When I was in Korea about 18 years ago, our friend, a private flute teacher noticed that her students had rubber bands around their wrists.  She asked what that was for one day.  Her flute student said, "Well, at 1:00 am when I feel like sleeping I snap this rubber band against my wrist so that I can continue studying."

    On the American Thinker, I read the story of tutor for a young African-American freshman who was failing all his classes.  The only time he could find to work with tutor was on Friday at dinner time before his next party.  They met and walked through study hall and the library.  The tutor asked him if he noticed anything about what he saw in those to places.  "Yeah, all those people in there were Asian."

    There is a massive transfer of real wealth from West to East.  When the Tiger Mom wrote her Wall Street Journal article, most of the thousands and thousands of comments were telling her that she was sadistic.

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