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Collective Shame

vietnamLittle has shamed this country more than Vietnam. No, I am not talking about the need for the war. That issue can reasonably be raised about virtually every war this country ever engaged in. The shame results from the manner in which our fighting men were treated. They didn't start the war, politicians did. Most did not want to go, but there was still a concept of duty and honor that drove people in those days. After they did their duty, duty which most of us cannot even imagine in terms of the fear, dangers and horror, they returned to an ungrateful public. 

For those too young to remember those days, here is A video by Vietnam vets from Michigan .

If you learn nothing more from this video, understand that soldiers should not be blamed for politicians' wars. And respect our veterans regardless of you political leanings. They served, most honorably. Did you?

1 thought on “Collective Shame”

  1. The original sin of this country is not slavery, it is what they did to their Army in Viet Nam and what they did to the Vietnamese people. All the problems we have had since relate directly to this failure of leadership and courage.

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