A Skeptical Environmentalist

environmentBjorn Lomborg is likely considered a big villain to the global-warming hoax crowd.

In 1998 he published a book entitled The Skeptical Environmentalist which questioned the claims made by the global warming crowd (and chock-filled with contradictory data). Since then, he has softened his position somewhat regarding the existence of global warming. His conclusion is that it exists but it is hardly the threat that its proponents make it out to be. Furthermore, in a world of limited resources, dealing with global warming is far down the list of priorities that should be focused on.  

Mr. Lomborg is not a climate zealot and is critical of those who are. A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal provides some of the reasons why. He is especially critical of the fear-mongering and central planning approach of the Obama Administration. He recognizes the value of markets and price signals as an alternative to the top-down orientation of governments: 

When innovation eventually makes green energy cheaper, everyone will implement it, including the Chinese. Such a policy would likely do 500 times more good per dollar invested than current subsidy schemes. But first let's drop the fear-mongering exaggeration—and then focus on innovation.

For anyone concerned, either pro or con, regarding the global warming debate, Byorn Lomborg is a person you should learn more about. Mr. Lomborg has his own website which might be of interest.

For me, I would like to eavesdrop on a private meeting between Mr. Lomborg and the Nobel laureate Albert Gore.

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