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  1. One of our people at the Isaac Brock Society had to show her original long-form birth certificate (or I guess an actual certified copy) and her marriage certificate, in addition to her Canadian citizenship documentation, in order to show that she had relinquished her citizenship some 40 years ago when she became a Canadian citizen. The US Consulate in Vancouver wouldn’t otherwise provide a Certificate of Loss of Nationality.

    Now, please bear in mind that Obama didn’t produce a long form birth certificate until a couple years after he became POTUS.

    So this is the thing: The US government is absolutely insane. You need more documentation to relinquish your US citizenship than you do to become President. So basically what the US is saying is that you better damn well prove that you relinquished your citizenship in order to escape our slavery, but that any thug, who can get the votes, can run the country.

    1. Just to clarify, he produced a forgery listing his place of birth as a hospital that did not exist at the time.    He admitted in his bio to being born in Kenya and Michelle has stated the same in no less than 2 separate speeches.

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