A Time For Choosing

peasantsimagesThe trends in this country are not sustainable. Either the people of the country give up their heritage of freedom or they do something to prevent it from being taken from them. The State shows no interest in slowing its power grabs and removal of freedoms.

Our condition is properly described below by Mike Adams:

… America stands on the verge of domestic war precisely because America stands on the verge of dictatorship. A corporate-flavored variety of fascism has reared its ugly soul, where corporations and government conspire in dark rooms to rob from the American people their health, their paychecks, their voices and their rifles. The face of that fascism is unimportant because it is the same face that fascists have presented throughout history: the face of a talented orator, a handsome, even noble-looking gentleman, a man of the people who explains that his acts of power usurpation are only pursued with great reluctance and at the desperate demand of his constituents. This is the well-worn justification of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Teng, and now Barack Obama.

The choices are stark: rollover and comply or get off your ass and resist. There is no middle ground. Doing nothing results in the State winning and you enslaved.

As an older man, this outcome will have less effect on me than my grandchildren. But nothing is more precious to me than they.

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  1. it is simply a fact that the greatest mass murderer over the last 100 years has been government; from Pol Pot in Cambodia to Mao in China and all the others (Hitler, Stalin etc.) in between……..if we give way to Gun Control, which is ultimately confiscation, we shall all be, as defenseless grade school children at the mercy of a madman with a gun!

  2. Just as the previous posters, I long for- and pray for- a peaceful solution. But there is none on the horizon which might be brought to pass through “normal” political channels. The system no longer functions in a way that permits a recovery that would take decades to accomplish. Yet it is not the fault of the system itself. Rather, it is the human failure to treasure and guard the precious liberties we were blessed with. As a result, all three branches of the federal Leviathan are operating far outside the limits established by the Constitution. It has taken many years, extreme dedication and an overwhelming lust for power to allow our, “domestic enemies” to prosper so. And having gained the upper hand, they will not go quietly into the night. If we truly want to secure the blessings of Liberty for our posterity, we will have to fight for them.
    Yet there remains one other way. We still have the possibility to avoid the destruction, violence and pain which would be associated with such a struggle. Its description is found in Second Chronicles, Chapter 7, verse 14. God promises to fight the battle for us and, “heal our land”. The question is whether or not we, as Christians, are ready to forsake our hedonistic lifestyle and once again serve with our whole hearts the One who gave us both life and liberty.
    Make your choice. Time is short.

    1. My favorite merchant has very limited selection of popular calibers. What’s left Brazilian, Russian, Philippino sourced mostly. Good stuff back ordered till March, April. Biden and Obama best thing that ever happened for ammo sales. Pray to God it gets used @ range only. Otherwise many innocents will be caught in crossfire.

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