Gun Control Implemented in Australia

gun control (2)Liberal dreams often become nightmares when implemented.

Watch what happened in Australia.

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  1. Monty, we know what the SAY is the reason behind the proposed gun ban here (protect the children), but we all know the truth-it’s to disarm the citizenry. violence in our country is multifactorial (immoral society, violent movies/video games, poor parenting/broken homes, improper care of the mentally ill for starters), yet no one talks about this.anyone really intent on making our country safe would lern from the aussies and brits mistaken gun ban and embrace encourage people to defend themselves. i mean, come on, this communist leader of ours went to hahvard right? smartest of the smart?

  2. What makes “rights” immutable? Only the concept that the rights of the individual are endowed by, “A Creator”. Thus they cannot be taken away by government- only suppressed at the point of a bayonet.

    Just as attempts at stricter gun control legislation can be correlated to rising crime rates, so can the loss of Liberty be correlated to a society’s moral decline and denial of the very existence of the One who first granted rights to individuals. Once we deny God Himself, there is no limit on what government can do because everything can be enforced by overwhelming power from the State.

    This decline of the moral basis of a society, couched in PC terms has already taken place in most Western nations and is proceeding apace here in America. Our nation, which once actually believed in the motto, “In God we Trust” is now adrift in a moral morass of our own choosing. No legislation can repair this damage- it is a deadly disease in the hearts of the people.

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