What Is This A Graph Of?

unitedstates The chart to the right shows a graph with a declining set of measurements. The graph is of some data set from the US. Its shape reflects a lot of graphs pertaining to the US with its obvious downtrend.

Can anyone guess what this particular downtrend represents? Here are a couple of hints:

  1. It is an index of something or somethings.
  2. This one graph goes a long way to explaining many of our economic problems.

In a few days I will supply the answer to what this graph represents.

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  1. Wow, that could be almost any metric which makes the 2012 election that much more baffling. EVERYTHING is going to crap, and people voted for more misery, but this time on steroids.

    It could be test scores in math/science, exports, average IQ of US voter, economic freedom (heck, freedom in GENERAL),

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