Investing Lessons From 2012

portfolio (2)Joshua M. Brown provides a nice summary article of investing lessons that were reinforced for him (and should be for you) in 2012:

The Six Biggest Investing Lessons of 2012

Joshua M Brown December 28th, 2012
If I should die or lose my WordPress password tomorrow, I’d be satisfied with this post being the last thing you’ve ever read from me.

Because what is the point of publishing 6500 blog posts (as I have) if you can’t crystallize and document the most important lessons learned on a regular basis? I think I’ve distilled everything I’ve chronicled this year into the six most important lessons for investors. Other years there are other lessons taught, but this is the knowledge you should be walking away with after 2012:

1. Sometimes there’s no one left to buy

This is a very old lesson but a crucial one. When [... Continue Reading]

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