Keep Guns, Ban Schools

gunsschools(2)The recent school tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut has raised pain and fear in every parent in America. It was an event so horrific that it will scar those involved and many not involved for the rest of their lives. Words alone cannot do this tragedy justice.

Yet, that is soon what we will get — words, an endless stream of them. The occasion for this conversation will be the return to their posts of our “deep-thinkers” to Washington, DC. Predictably (and sadly), the wise men will not address the real issues. They will use the horrible event as a means to further weaken the Constitution. Gun control rather than true safety will be the ultimate goal for many (“never let a good crisis go to waste”). In the process, many of these pompous creatures will reveal themselves (again!) for the fools they truly are.

The title of this article caught my eye: “Ban Schools Not Guns.” It is a tongue-in-cheek solution to the real problem — schools! Why can’t the right utilize a good crisis as well as the left? Author Kathy Schaidle makes eminent sense with her humor. For example, here is her take on how history will judge our schools:

Decades hence, our offspring will listen in disbelief when we tell them we used to pay billions of dollars to warehouse children in “gun-free zones” overseen by morons; that 21st-century kids were groomed for 19th-century jobs and came out functionally illiterate but experts nonetheless on the subjects of Kwanzaa, “safe” sex, and something called global warming.

Read the article and keep it in mind when our political clowns begin their charade over this tragedy. Warehousing our kids in the prisons of ignorance is the real tragedy. Not keeping them safe while keeping them stupid is inexcusable and unforgivable, but it is a lesser cost to society than delivering ignorance on a mass scale.

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