Land Of (Less) Opportunity

dual-citizenUS citizenship used to be treasured. Motivated people from around the world longed to gain entry to the US to enhance freedom and the opportunity to better themselves. For many, the US still looks promising relative to where they currently live.

For those of us that live here and have witnessed the changes, the US is no longer the country that we knew. Many are looking for alternative places to live, sensing that matters are about to get much worse here. Many have already left and renounced US citizenship with more going through this process.

Simon Black expresses at once our luck in being born here and the notion that it is no longer the same land of opportunity for our kids and grandkids:

Citizenship is a funny thing. We’re born, and we’re citizens of a country. It’s a complete accident that we have absolutely no control over.

Think about it: In many countries, simply by virtue of being born, you might have been signed up for a lifetime of obligations and responsibilities — taxation, military service, paying down debt inherited from previous generations, and so on… none of which you volunteered for.

It’s a bizarre system… thrusting obligations onto human beings because they happened to be born on a particular piece of dirt.

In some cases, though, you can use this system to your advantage. Because, while you can’t control where you were born, you can absolutely control where your children are born. And if you strategically select the birthplace of your children, you can set them up for a lifetime of benefits.

Unfortunately most of us do not or did not think in such terms when we had the opportunity to act. But it is not too late to make your offspring aware of what is happening to this country and to consider opportunities to gain a dual citizenship. For those whose employment is not tied to the US physically (artists, writers, telecommunicating workers, etc.), start exploring alternatives.

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  1. This morning, a related and very well written article on American Thinker by Selwin Duke brought me to the conclusion that we have only three options at this point in time:
    1. Revolution. Could take many forms but whether it begins with nullification, secession or a simple court battle, would end in a monumental violent struggle in which neither side would win in the traditional sense.
    2. Relocation. Tempting thought but where to go? (Syrin I hope you can comment here without compromising opsec) Is there a place on this planet where Liberty still trumps tyranny (soft or otherwise)? Besides, this course would likely mean abandoning not only our land of birth but also much of the family.
    3. Revival. It has happened in the US twice that I know of. A time when a real majority of the citizenry returned to the “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. Both times, the fortunes of the nation improved.
    If there be a fourth possibility, I do not see it but would gladly accept an alternative with a probability of a peaceful and honorable outcome.

    1. I just finished that article. What a worthless conclusion. Summary: “Abandon all hope. The war is lost”. Not that I disagree, but some concrete advice is always welcome when you break horrible news.

      I plan on action 2, but I am financially tied down here for two years. I pray they haven’t locked the windows and doors leading out before that time. I’m not sure there is any place to go, but I think the US will become one of the worst places on the planet. I don’t have close family ties as all my relatives and my wife’s relatives are prototypical liberals. Loud, bitter, nasty, uniformed, confrontational, indoctrinated, factually devoid, etc. We have told our kids and family members that there is a very good chance we will be living far from the US in 2 years time.

      I spoke with a financial adviser who has deep connections and who was told that there will be a 5-7% tax on all future pension contributions. Furthermore, his sources tell him that they envision Obamugabe becoming more moderate as his economic policies decimate the economy because his ego will force him to to prevent him to change to keep people from labeling him as the worst president in history (too late). Obamacare will have deep tendrils and the damage will not be undone. Obamacare will simutaneously destroy the economy and healthcare. it’s already happening as medical device companies are closing and leaving. The advisor told me businesses are already fleeing the country and most of his high end clients are keeping “all options open”.

      That said, IF, and this is a BIG IF, we can survive the next 4 years and get a conservative president in office, we are potentially sitting on an economic boom. The natural gas resources this nation has will lead to an energy boom like we saw in the past. We are 10-20 years from that taking place, largely because of all the EPA regulations which means it won;t happen under Obama. So there is a silver lining down the road, potentially. My biggest fear? Obama 2.0. Moochelle 2016.

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