The US Commits Pearl Harbor

The Michael Ramirez cartoon in this article from John Hinderaker truly supports the “picture is worth a thousand words” adage. The cartoon and Mr. Hinderaker’s comments provide the perfect perspective for what is being done to the US.



There was a time when people assumed that if America’s future was under attack, it must come from a foreign source–like, say, Japan at Pearl Harbor. Those days are long gone. Now, our decline is no one’s fault but our own. We elect leaders who are ignorant of America’s history and contemptuous of its values. The currency in which this ignorance and contempt is expressed is government spending. I am not sure I can fully explain the logic, but those who are filled with hatred for the first 200 years of American history want–for some reason–America’s government to accumulate ever more power and to spend unprecedented amounts of money. Does that make sense? Seemingly not, but it is the world in which we live: the entity that is most bent on destroying the private economy of the United States of America, until recently the envy of the world, is our own government.

As usual, Michael Ramirez foresees the future and rebels against it:

I have spent some time thinking about this, and it is hard to find a precedent: when, in human history, has the government of any nation consciously set out to weaken that country? Sure, it has been done by accident from time to time, but on purpose? If you can think of any precedent for the Obama administration, please let it be known in the comments.

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  1. …. when, in human history, has the government of any nation consciously set out to weaken that country …?

    Very recently.


    Once great Britain.


    The execrable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and every-bit-as-loathsome and fearsome Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, 2nd Viscount Stansgate of Stansgate and Soviet-Agent, James Harold Wilson et al and a good sprinkling of Edward Richard George “Ted” Heath-like “conservatives.”


    National suicide. Once-great Britain is all “once,” no “great!”

  2. Obama and his ilk believe that their mission in life is to take vengeance upon the White oppressors of the past few centuries. In their minds whites enriched themselves at the expense of the coalition of minorities since the nation’s founding. In truth they are propelling a societal entropy process that will destroy the nation. It’s nice to envision some sort of rebellion or seccession movement that could save the bulk of the country, but I don’t think the nation has what it takes to pull it off. I think we will just stay in the ever warming pot of water until we are boiled dead.

    I suggest living in a part of the country that has good natural resources, an overwhelmingly homogenous racial makeup and values independence and gun ownership.

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