Socialism Must Be Violent

Quiet! This dirty little secret of socialism is not supposed to be exposed. If Socialism is so good, why does it have to be imposed on people and then backed up by force or the threat thereof?

H/T to Doug Ross for presenting this work by Milton Wolf:

Barack Obama’s cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf, posts the following:

Dr. Wolf’s blog is well worth a visit.

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  1. Much has been written about Obama’s teleprompter use, it seems the common speculation is that it tells him what to say.

    My take is the teleprompter is to keep him from expressing his real thoughts, when he has strayed from the acceptable line, we get “spread the wealth around” “you didn’t build that” and so forth. My guess is he is biting his lip to not admit Socialism is my dream and goal for this country.

    I didn’t listen to Obama when he gave his “rockstar” speech at the 2004 DNC convention, the first time I actually listened to the guy was when he appeared at a local university in Janaury 2008 and I listened on the radio .

    When you listen on the radio, your not distracted by the crowds with their mouths hanging open, the video graphics and so forth. Listening to the radio, I heard a Socialist using the standards buzzwords of “fairness,social justice,level playing field and class warfare” I had heard those buzzwords by Marxist professors when in college.

    Watching his actions of the past four years, this guy is a Socialist, anyone believing his words without comparing to his actions is clueless.

    Obama has been successful with his constant drumbeat of class warfare, not since I was a youth in the 60′s have I seen such animosity between the citizens of this country.

    Obama is stirring the pot, seems like a perfect recipe of economic problems and social discontent for the dreams of a revolutionary.

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