Susan Rice as Secretary of State

It turns out that Susan Rice, whose name is floated as our next Secretary of State,  has practice in covering up for foreign policy SNAFUs. In 1998 a similar incident occurred in Kenya where 12 diplomats were killed along with 200 Africans. Parallels exist and Ms. Rice played a role similar to her Benghazi role. Investors Business Daily reports:

As in Benghazi, requests for more security were denied, warnings were issued, prior incidents were ignored and Susan Rice went on TV to explain it all.

Within 24 hours, Rice, then assistant secretary of state for African affairs, went on PBS as spokesperson for the administration — just as she was regarding Benghazi when she parroted the administration’s false narrative on five Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16, 2012, that Benghazi was caused by a flash mob enraged by an Internet video. Then, as now, she worked for a Clinton.

Also then, as now, she went on TV to claim, falsely, that we “maintain a high degree of security at all of our embassies at all times” and that we “had no telephone warning or call of any sort like that, that might have alerted either embassy just prior to the blast.” There were plenty of warnings and our East African diplomats were begging for help as Ambassador Chris Stevens was in Benghazi.

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