December, 2012

Investing Lessons From 2012

Joshua M. Brown provides a nice summary article of investing lessons that were reinforced for him (and should be for you) in 2012: The Six Biggest Investing Lessons of 2012 Joshua M Brown December 28th, 2012 If I should die or lose my WordPress password tomorrow, I’d be satisfied with this post being the last thing you’ve ever read from [...]

Next Election, Vote For The Real Mafia

Albert J. Nock, one of the more revered early libertarians, had no love for government. He understood how power inevitably corrupted whatever ideals and goals might have motivated the formation of government. In one of his colorful descriptions, Mr. Nock likened the State to organized crime: Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees [...]

Ignore The Data, Our Concern Is Enough

Doug Ross provides the inconvenient data that gun controllers would prefer you not see: THE TOP 5 GUN CONTROL GRAPHS: The Gun-Grabbers’ Failed Policies Are Exposed by Their Own Data! The very statistics and reports that the gun control crowd selectively market prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “gun control” increases violence. 5. Violent crime rates tracked by “Right-to-Carry” [...]

Keep Guns, Ban Schools

The recent school tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut has raised pain and fear in every parent in America. It was an event so horrific that it will scar those involved and many not involved for the rest of their lives. Words alone cannot do this tragedy justice. Yet, that is soon what we will get — words, an endless stream [...]

Only In America

The following list, received via email, had no attribution regarding the author. It does put things into perspective: TOP-10 “ONLY IN AMERICA” OBSERVATIONS — BY A CANADIAN 1) Only in America could the rich people – who pay 86% of all income taxes – be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes [...]

Desperate and Wounded Animals Don’t Obey Rules or Laws

Jim Quinn has expressed my sentiments regarding those who forecast the new year (or any other period for that matter) with a certainty beyond what humans can possibly know: On January 8 of this year I posted my annual prediction article for this year – 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously. Now it’s time to assess my complete and utter cluelessness [...]

The Slow Death of Western Civilization

Massive economic change is sweeping the world. But, like the movement of glaciers, the change is slow, subtle and almost imperceptible. Few people are even aware of the change, no less its implications. In earlier writing I recommended that those under fifty explore alternatives to the US for living and working.  Western democracies are self-destructing under the weight of their [...]

The Keynesian Legacy Unravels

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana Ideology is powerful, capable of masking unpleasant facts. Whether we recognize it or not, we are all slaves to ideology. Economists are no different in that regard than other people. They hold preconceived ideas which affect the interpretation of data and facts. In the extreme, ideology is [...]

Guns In Schools

Karl Denninger discusses guns in schools. Your liberal friends might faint at the suggestion of such a thing, but have them read the following. Then ask them what part QOTD: “You may think it’s a horrifying idea to arm teachers. Did you ever think to stop and ask why you believe that, and whether your viewpoint is rational — or [...]

The January Effect and The Fiscal Cliff

The year-end for 2012 has some unusual issues for stock market investors, especially those relating to the uncertainty regarding the fiscal cliff. The fiscal cliff is not an event that will cause the economy to implode (although it is doing quite nicely without any outside help). It is an event that can have profound effects on the stock market, however. [...]

You Haven’t Made Any Money In The Stock Market This Century

The new year is almost here. With it comes all kinds of resolutions to improve behavior, habits and results. For investors, it is a reasonable time to review performance. Did you do well this last year? Did you lose money? How might you have improved your performance? These questions are natural. What is not natural is the manner in which [...]

Econ Christmas Carols

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