Person Of The Year

Another indicator of how shallow and barren the mainstream media has become was provided by Time Magazine.

Considering Sandra Fluke as a candidate for their (not-so-prestigious) Person Of The Year reveals much about the magazine and less about the country. What does a possible nymphomaniac and self-admitted parasite have to do with America or its ideals? Short of pimping for Obama and ObamaCare (and quite likely herself) just what has this person contributed to the country or society?

Perhaps her appearance in front of Congress has social value. It serves to remind us, once again, how shallow and inane our ruling class truly is. What could these fools possibly see in exploiting this woman other than political advantage? Who else could believe that some misguided, sexually active, spoiled brat represents average Americans? Oh, perhaps she does and Obama’s re-election serves as Exhibit I in making such a case.

Time Magazine, itself, would be my nomination for its own award of POTY (oh, why could there not be one more “T” in this acronym?). The nomination of Sandra Fluke reveals their political bias (again). It also reveals the depths of their insight.

If Time would feel uncomfortable awarding itself their own dubious honor, then let me suggest another, perhaps even more deserving, candidate — the US educational system, from kindergarten through post-graduate work. In a very real sense, they have made all this possible. Thanks to them, Time is considered to be an unbiased source of news. For most, it is considered difficult, but in-depth analysis. That in itself is worthy of some kind of award.

If Time Magazine can any longer be taken seriously, you know this country is over.

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  1. REALITY!……; what a concept……..reality would indicate that Sandra Fluke does, sadly enough, represent her generation of Americans… a better time someone of her ilk (slut, tramp, whore, what have you) would still at least have had some level of moral decency……but today, we hold someone like this up to our young as a role model, champion and worse yet, nominee for “person of the year”……the fact that she has no shame tells it all…….she is proud of herself!…….proud that she is a dreg, proud that she expects others to pay her way, and proud that she is a whore!…..she wears it like a badge of honor for all to see…….and there will be tens of millions behind her……reality would also indicate that we, as a nation, have passed “the point of no return”…….this will not be fixed or even get better……I am often asked; so where will you go?……..response; when you are inside a burning building that is collapsing around you, the issue is determining how to get the hell out, not where you will go once outside……THAT!…….IS REALITY!

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