A Low Point For Many Bloggers

The election results were depressing and disheartening. I would have felt better had Romney won, although I suspect that warm feeling would have disappeared rather quickly. Romney seemed to be a good, kind and considerate man, quite unlike his opponent. The fact that his decency was so harshly rejected did not make the outcome any easier to take.

Yet the issue should not be whether a man is good or bad. Sure character and integrity matter, but our country was established in such a fashion that the type of man we elected could not harm the country. There was no possibility of fundamentally changing the country. No matter what margin a man won by, the option of doing what he wanted was limited greatly by the operating system — The Constitution of the United States of America.

The original intent was to elect not leaders but administrators or custodians. Reformers were not to be, at least beyond minor tinkering and adjustments. No man or party were to be able to “fundamentally change” the country. Yet, after a couple of centuries of political hacks pecking and tearing at the Constitution, that is the point we have reached. Other than historical significance, the Constitution has been effectively destroyed. Now we are left to the whims of an electorate and a man to decide what the country will be.

Barack Obama is, in my opinion, an evil man. But Barack Obama is not the problem; he is merely the latest in a string of opportunists. The problem was created by the opportunists who preceded Mr. Obama. They are the ones who slowly and methodically destroyed the Constitution. They are the ones who reduced politics to a vote-buying scheme. They are the ones who created and encouraged the zombie class of takers. They are the ones responsible for the dumbing-down of education so that they could exploit their constituents.

I am depressed that Obama won, but I doubt that Romney would have made much of a difference. I think more of us might have felt more proud with a President Romney, but I doubt that he would have been able to do much to turn the country around. The problems have been allowed to metastasize beyond repair. Besides, there are more Obamas waiting in the wings for their turn to finish whatever our current president doesn’t. Simply stated, the country is fiscally bankrupt because the Constitution has been shredded. There is no protection for the populace unless the Constitution, with all of its teeth, can be revived.

In a sense it may be good that Obama was re-elected. The economy will not recover under his policies. An economic collapse will occur sooner and likely on his watch. As one of the foremost proponents of the policies responsible for our current situation, it would be appropriate that he be in charge when the calamity occurs.

Collapse, if it does not bring dictatorship, is the only way to return to our roots. Razing the present and rebuilding from the ashes is the only alternative left.

The inevitability of this ending and a chance for a new beginning were independent of who won this last election. Yet the disappointment and disillusionment in the American citizenry for being too naive, self-invested or just plain stupid is incredibly depressing.

Apparently, I am not alone in this reaction. Doug Ross presents some commentary expressing the same gloominess:

Fausta, a longtime compatriot, just posted the following missive.

I am considering ceasing to blog on politics.For eight years I have posted on serious issues taking place in our hemisphere that affect our everyday lives, and, to be honest, I’ve about had it. Every post on Latin America takes time researching sources from the country in Spanish, French or Portuguese, plus English-language reports. And what for? The American media and the American public would care more if the Iranians were making deals with Martians than they care if Hezbollah makes deals with the Zetas right in our own country.

The American politics posts draw more traffic but are clearly out of the mainstream of a coddled, self-absorbed electorate that thinks their vaginas, their abortions, and their welfare checks are more important than national security, chronic unemployment and respect for the Constitution.

Half the country doesn’t even pay federal income taxes. They do not value the effort of those of us who do.

The reelection of Obama ensures a weak economy, which in turn ensures that I will remain unemployed as a translator. At the same time, I have always been interested in literacy. Therefore, I’m considering blogging my Spanish-to-English translation work so it’s available for free for whoever may want to read it or not.

…And to hell with politics.

The Blogmistress General, Tabitha Hale, wrote back to Fausta with some words of wisdom:

Take a couple days. I called a friend last night and said I was done as well. It’s hard to figure out why we do it sometimes – I am still struggling with it. It’s a huge commitment, one that takes time and energy away from other things we love. For me, I realized that the truth was that I cared too much. I need to do this. I love the people, I love freedom and I love my country. Even if I quit tomorrow, I don’t think I could really quit. I wrote this in an email to another list this morning. Maybe it’ll help:

The Morning After

This is just one election. We will still fight. We have to.

Thanks for everything you do, Fausta. Whatever you decide, I hope you don’t disappear.

I responded as well.

Agreed. Give it a couple of weeks of contemplation. Write a work of fiction. Relax and try to decompress.

We still live in the greatest country on Earth.

Our forebears went throughhell to create this great land. They risked everything: life, limb, property.

They knew that defeat was certain only with surrender.

“Give me liberty or give me death”?

Our ancestors’ sacrifices were too great and ours too meager to surrender.

Not now. Not ever.

Sometimes one wonders whether all of this time is worth it.

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  1. Monty,
    The last few days have been full of gloom for those of us who still cherish Liberty. There are abundant reasons to agree with Syrin that the America as a Constitutional Republic is finished. Yet we each have been placed here at this time for a purpose and it would be folly to abandon that purpose at the greatest hour of need for your service. We are likely no longer a majority but God alone knows where this will lead. Perhaps a painful lesson in the principles of life, a new Republic, or another lesson for the entire world regarding the cost of being an immoral and unprincipled people.
    Wherever we are headed, our tasks remain the same and require perseverance in the face of the most dire trials. You and your selfless efforts are needed and appreciated by your readers here. I commend to you the sound advice Paul gave Timothy:
    Fight the good fight! Finish the course! Keep the faith!

    Semper Fidelis

  2. The last couple days since the election, I’ve been telling my co-workers, overwhelmingly conservative, that the republicans in the congress should go along with everything Obama proposes (except really long term damaging things such as gun control). Interestingly, Jeannie DeAngelis had a blog piece on American Thinker today advocating the same thing, writing:

    “However, if Boehner believes that this is truly Barack Obama’s “moment,” why not just let the President do whatever he wants? Republicans in Congress should politely step aside and allow Obama to finish what he started. In so doing, they will inoculate themselves against any ensuing liability as well as avoid becoming the object of Obama’s notorious blame game.

    And so, as conciliatory bipartisanship is cultivated and John Boehner encourages Barack Obama to forge ahead, one can only hope that the newfound collegiality in Washington DC includes Republicans helping our determined liberal leader to aim that big ole’ policy gun he has pointed at America’s head downward toward his own foot.”

    We all know what’s coming down the pike and it ain’t good. The media will crucify the republicans in congress as “obstructionists”, the mean old republicans thwarted brave little Barry’s attempts to save the country. They’re probably already have their hit pieces ready for print or airing.

    If we are at the end of our republic, then this gambit needs to be played. Give the fool all of the rope he needs. He’s already posturing to put all of the blame on the republicans. All they need to say is that while they are philosophically opposed to Obama’s measures, now that he has won a second term and therefore a mandate, they are willing to go along with what he wants. Harry Reid’s words that he is thinking of scaling back the filibuster actually may play in to our long term plans.

  3. I did not your predictions of an easy Romney win.
    You and that utter dimwit Larry Klutz got it 100%.

    We need The Tight to step up. too many of us are ignoring reality.

    Why should we take you seriously.

  4. Monty,

    Share your feelings. Many of us understood, Romney had no magic wand to turn back what has corrupted the system over decades. However, I believe he was a decent man and I for one would have slept easier at night when the most certain collapse occurs.

    The question is what measures will Obama implement when the collapse occurs on his watch?

    Thirty some years ago when I was in college I had a Professor who declared upon the first day of class “I am a Socialist and after this course you will be a Socialist ” I never forgot her words, as I lived through a semester of her class listening to the Socialist philosophy of “CONTROL” it is all about control.

    With Obamacare you have health care control, it was never intended to control costs but to control people.
    Energy is next.
    Banking/ Financials/Money more control
    Educational system
    Food production system, more regulations
    Control the courts
    On and on

    What are Obama’s intentions? Who knows? a man with many secrets .

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